Scored a 9.7 by the Bostonian Judge

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  • Gary Sheffield makes Manny Ramirez look like Tory Hunter.

    mattymatty June 20, 2005, 9:24 pm
  • That’s your one Buddy Pass for the year, SF.

    YF June 20, 2005, 10:04 pm
  • He better take more care out there. Falling down on his face in the outfield may accidentally give Gary Sheffield the reputation of laying out for fly balls! Geez, the last thing Sheffield needs is the pitcher feeling comfortable that it’s okay to let someone hit lazy fly balls to RF! I really think he should have just done what he always does – pull up short and play the bounce.

    Anonymous June 20, 2005, 11:17 pm
  • Huh? say what?

    YF 05 June 20, 2005, 11:30 pm
  • “Huh? say what?”
    What I mean is, he should have just played the bounce. Not only could he have gotten really hurt diving(especially the way he did), but he’s out of his element running that hard to get to a fly ball. Lets be honest here, Gary Sheffield has a ManRam style attitude towards getting to fly balls. Every now and then you may get a good defensive play from them, but their defense is not the reason they are so good (well, Manny is up there in OF assists this year). I’m pretty sure both Francona and Torre would rather see those two sluggers not dive for balls they don’t really have a good chance of catching. Get what I’m saying?

    Anonymous June 20, 2005, 11:45 pm
  • Sorry, forgot to sign that one.

    Brad-SF June 20, 2005, 11:46 pm
  • In my dictionary, a “dive” is not defined as “when a ball hits an outfielder’s glove and then right after he falls sloppily on his face, which rams into the ground in silly-looking fashion, just after the ball pops out of said glove and rolls away from him to the centerfielder, allowing a run to score”. But my dictionary may be wrong.

    SF June 21, 2005, 6:47 am
  • A Sox fan making fun of a Yankee outfielder’s defense? It’s too early in the morning to make any pot-kettle-black jokes, but you guys know the drill.

    your mom June 21, 2005, 8:43 am
  • I was just giving him the benefit of the doubt, but really, I did not believe it myself.

    Brad-SF June 21, 2005, 8:57 am
  • Aw, come on, Mom – we’re allowed to make fun of each other, particularly when someone bellyflops like Sheff did on a ball that could have (should have) been caught. A little levity would serve you well. As for the Sox fielders? Well, we all know what kind of fun Manny has out there, so this post is no comment on our own guys. It’s just about Sheff and his ballerina work, which was both fortuitous as well as gut-bustingly ungraceful.

    SF June 21, 2005, 1:16 pm
  • SF, this was the funniest post I’ve seen on this site. And I’m a Yanks fan. Well done.

    Nick June 21, 2005, 2:06 pm
  • Wow. Funnier than the Big Unit/Tom Cruise engagement shot? Or any of YF’s posts asserting that Brian Cashman has a clue what he is doing?
    Sheffield’s belly flop was way funnier in slow motion on Tivo, to be really honest – especially when he fell, ate the grass, and then his head snapped back. I am not sure it comes through in the stills I grabbed from YES, though, and we don’t have the bandwidth (or the express written consent of Pravda, er, YES) to post their video.

    SF June 21, 2005, 2:37 pm

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