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A massive feature from Boston Magazine on Dustin Pedroia, worth a full read. Fans of a certain ilk who can't stomach the thought of spending 15 minute poring over the details of the MVP's upbringing and brief career (yeah, you know who you are) should show some guff and head over, if only for author Tommy Craggs' section on the etymology of the title of this post.

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I freaking love this kid…
“When the[Arod]Sports Illustrated report came out, we were sitting there,” Pedroia recalls, “and this humongous football player laughed and looked at me and goes, ‘You don’t have to ever worry about that.’ And I’m like, You know what? That pisses me off. Like, No shit. But my body’s not that bad, know what I mean?”

Great read. And yeah, I think we ALL hate it when small white guys are labeled that. Pedroia doesn’t need to be called scrappy because he’s a damn fine ballplayer.
Also, Sheffield signed by the Mets. Knew that wouldn’t take long.

> smoothed into myth: the tiny Everyman who, by dint of sheer effort
uh huh.
> and uncommon grit
Common grit is tough to come by in this economy. Imagine how hard it is to procure uncommon grit.
> without the benefit of size
> or Norbolethone
> manages to pull himself through the early chapters of an Alger novel
Pardon me, but go **** yourself.
> become a superstar.
Yes, he is.
> The little infielder who could.
Losing me.
> A grinder.
Fading fast.
> Plucky.
sorry, just vomited on my keyboard.
> Scrappy—always scrappy.
…can’t type… must give .. auto tracheotomy ..
pfffttt….. hisssssss.. pffffftttt… hissss.
breathing restored.
I read the rest. I liked that Epstein was smart enough to say that any comparison between DP and Eckstein was a jackass move. But as soon as this line came out: “It’s his kinesthetic genius” I lost my will to live through this overwrought piece of crap.
Pedroia is a great ball player, and any joke I would attempt to make at his expense would come up… umm… short. I don’t get why he needs to take time to single out A-Rod, but that doesn’t matter. He’s an awesome talent that I love to watch. I just don’t want to read another piece as asinine as this that tries to tell me why I should like watching him.

Crap. I somehow glided over that the author thought this to be the problem with the description of Pedroia. Leave that Bic stuck in my neck while I work it out for myself, breathing regularly.

Gerb, I realize you caught yourself, but to reiterate Craggs’ article is a fantastic profile piece, and it’s not trite. It fleshes Pedroia out and tries to get at the workings of this interesting player, it treats scrappiness with the proper kind of skepticism and Craggs’ honest assessment of Pedroia’s potentially false sense of persecution is refreshing. This is one of the better profiles I have read of an athlete in a while.

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