Seeing as fans have been

Seeing as fans have been arriving at Yankee Stadium via the IRT since the place opened, there really is no excuse for the disorganized, insulting, unpleasant, and downright stupid process of getting into the park from the train. Insipid circulation, lack of clear signage, haphazzard enforcement of (poorly conceived) rules, understaffing, and incompetent personnel make arrival an odious process. Most of this is the Yankees’ own fault, even if the MTA and the city haven’t exactly done their part in supplying suitably commodious gateway facilities. (Though one wonders what might be accomplished with some constructive lobbying). What’s most absurd is that this ridiculous process only hurts the team financially. The faster fans get into the ballpark, the faster they’ll be spending money on expensive concessions. Having fans stand around waiting to get in and then rush to find a seat does neither fan nor team any good. “Security” is no excuse for this sorry situation.

Posted by YF on 8/27/2003 02:23:07 PM

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