Selamat Pagi! Rally Time!: Rays-Yanks Gamer

That means "Good morning! Rally Time!" Sorry about the late start. I'm just waking up and I see that our heroes are down, but not out. Will they do it again?! And will Derek make history in the process? There are two more innings to go (I think). Comment here on all the late inning action.

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I’m jealous of the fans tonight. I went on Monday night and Tuesday night and nothing. Haha. Was hoping he would beat it by now, so that I could pick up some cheap tickets for Snoopy Night. These fans got everything!

Also tonight was Prostate Cancer exam night.
So, Jeter, Snoopy, and Prostate Exam. That’s some trifecta.

I would say though, if there’s one recent game that defined the Yanks, this might be it. Down quite a bit, being dominated, and still coming back. Well, it’s not over yet..

This team is ridiculous. They are never out of it it seems…I really hope they can keep it going the last 3 weeks and into October.

Bruney is up. Err.. we’ll see if the two runs are enough.
But ya, these games “matter”, but we’ll see in October..


Come on Coke!!!
Yeah Fiddy, Joba and Bruney can both sit out the postseason.

Jeter is a good player and even as a Red Sox fan I’m happy for him. He of course will break the record. However Gehrig’s career and life were tragiclly cut short. Had he been able to finish his career healthy, nobody would have ever caught his hits record. Jeter really couldn’t even carry Gehrig’s jock.

Yeah. I can’t say I disagree. I got the Yankees on Baseball Mogul and traded Igawa for Duke with the Pirates,got a very nice rotation going into postseason ;) Wang as #4 and Joba as mopup.

Man this never gets old…
Day off tomorrow, (FOOTBALL!!!!!) then back at it on Friday night against the mighty O’s!!!!

I think that trying to compare players from different eras based on the numbers and not on every other aspect of the game at their respective playing era will lead nowhere. Unless it’s to prove that they have talent above average. But this should be a thread started here on the forum. And to Jeter,if you know him,you know he’s just trying to get the Yanks to win,if a record is on the way,d-mn,it he’ll break. ;)

It was just an asinine backhanded compliment by a hater…
Yep, huge Fins fan! Should be an interesting year. I’m already sick of hearing about how great the cheatriots are…didn’t they miss the playoffs last year? Didn’t we crush them in New England and win the division? Guess it means nothing since Tom “Jesus Christ Himself” Brady is back…we’ll see. ;)

“Stupid and unnecessary comment.”
None of this is necessary. These are our personal opinions and thankfuly we live in a country that respects the freedom of speech.
Don’t you?

Don’t try and get semantic bro…you came on here and made a stupid comment. Yes, you have the freedom to say dumb things.

Just to make my point further:
Gehrig- 17 seasons, 2164 games played,
Jeter- 15 seasons, 2119 games played
Looks to me like they were pretty close, no? Even if he had survived to play longer, depending on how many more season they both played, Jeter would probably have ended up on top.
So basically you came on here and acted as if you were paying Jeter a compliment, but in reality, you weren’t. Stupid and unnecessary. Period.

Krueg, if you disagree with me, then just say so. Why is my opinion dumb and yours not? I believe you would be hard pressed to find a mentally heathly person who would say Jeter is a better overall player then Lou Gehrig was, bro?

Child, please. You came into this thread with the intention of hating on our main mans, Derek Jeter, trying to belittle his accomplishments with a a weak-ass “durrr but he couldn’t carry Gehrig’s jock AMIRITE guyz??” putdown.
Don’t try and back your way out by innocently protesting you were simply trying to objectively compare the two players. If you’re going to hate, at least show some backbone… bro.

You don’t believe due to expansion the player pool has been diluted and the overall quality of the pitchers in baseball has been diminished? Plus Gehrig also hit for power. Did Jeter ever have a season were he had a 301 runs created stat? Period!

I never said he was better or worse nimrod, you did. You also said that no one would ever touch Gehrig’s record if he finished his career, um, do the numbers really play that out? No. So while you are entitled to your small, ignorant opinion, please don’t expect to not be called out on nonsense. Now, if you would have just left it at that, I probably wouldn’t have even said anything because I too think that Gehrig was a better player but no, you had to add the brilliant, “Jeter really couldn’t even carry Gehrig’s jock.”
I stand by my original comment. Stupid and unnecessary. At least be a man and be your true hater self. This passive-aggresive BS is really pathetic.
The fact that you came into a Yankee gamer, on the night that Jeter ties Gehrig and tried to minimize his accomplishment is dickish. And then, to try and pass it off as a compliment?
Go troll somewhere else…

“Nimrod”?, I didn’t know there were any 13 year olds in this forum. I was honestly trying to commend Jeter, hard to do for a Sox fan, but you think I’m trolling. However after this discourse, I believe this would be a perfect place for a troll. Your easy.

If I was that transparent you never would have responded in the first place. Your an idiot! and Jeter sucks!

krueg, looks like you spent alot of time trolling in the sox thread tonight, doubt that’s the first time, dickhead.

Hey Michael, we don’t want you around if you’re going to be a troll. So either stop acting like a jackass or leave.

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