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Selective Memory: Yanks-O’s Gamer VI

Joba Chamberlain is on the mound against Baltimore. Here’s hoping he makes everyone forget about that truly awful game yesterday.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks, moms.

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Joba busted a vein in his throwing hand, I read, during a toss yesterday. Might be a factor.
(They didn’t say what he was tossing, though)

Joba looks like shit again…100 pitches through 3 innings per usual. So basically we need to play perfect baseball to have any chance of winning a game. This has already been a long, drawn out shit season…can it get any worse?????

Oh, and at what point does our “powerful” lineup start abusing these garbage pitchers we keep facing…Uehara??? Are you f-ing kidding me???

This team is fucking unwatchable. Cannot hit the damn ball to save their worthless lives…unless of course it’s straight into a DP.

Sorry it’s been tough, Krueg. It seems like the Yankees give up runs in the first inning every game.

Uehara somehow stymied the Red Sox, too. Frustrating when a guy who shows no ability to pitch effectively seemingly cannot do anything else against your otherwise very capable lineup (hello, Andy Sonnanstine).

They sure do…the pitching staff, which was supposed to be a strength has been terrible. Hitters are ever worse.
It’s to the point now where even that rally doesn’t make me happy, just waiting for the other shoe to drop…
I need professional help!

Huff ends up being the one looking like a clown. Hilarious. Joba doesn’t even need to retaliate, if a player decides to be classless, like Huff so clearly was, he’s got his own problems.
Also, it’s Aubrey Huff. Who cares?

Not for nothing, but the Yankees should have signed Huff years ago. He would have been a perfect 1B/3B/OF/DH. Instead we’ve steadily seen guys like Phillips, Mancaveitch, and Ransom.
This is looking more and more like a .500 team to me. Old and rapidly declining. Jeter is the prime example.

Per Replacement Level Yankee:
“It has been 3117 days, 18 hours, 29 minutes, and 52 seconds since the New York Yankees have won a World Series.”

You know it was funny watching Huff fist-pump three times while running around the bases in the first inning. Take note Joba.

Three times seemed a bit overly done, but I guess if you’re prepared to get hit (deservingly or not) then it’s all good.

“If he wants to do a back flip, he can do a back flip.” – Joba, quoted by Feinsand.
That’s a good response.
“In six starts, Chamberlain’s first-inning ERA is 13.50, while it stands at 1.82 in all other innings combined.”
Sounds like he’d fit back into the Yankee pen just fine.

What did Huff do that has caught the ire of Yankee fans? Celebrate getting out of an inning after putting his team in a 4-0 hole? Or something helpful?

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