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Au revoir Expos! Baseball returns to our nation’s capital, where it belongs. We can only hope that another senator will be making a triumphant return to that city, and that he’ll be throwing out next season’s first pitch.

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The name ‘Senators’ while historic and nostalgic, isn’t exactly a name that brings winning to mind. Let’s face it when the Senators were around they were the D-Rays of the league. I just think the Expos should go for some thing new, start out with a clean slate, start their own history.

For the first couple of years at RFK they could be the “Insiders”, then when they move to Virginia, if it’s outside the beltway, they could be renamed.
The Washington Lobbyists? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue…

How about the Washington Freedom? Or maybe the “Freedom!” I know it sounds a little WNBA or MSL, but I’ll be damned if baseball ain’t the most patriotic, all-American sport there is, where you go out and do the hard work of scoring more runs than the evildoers on the other side, where you get ’em on the run, smoke ’em out, bring ’em t’justice. Plus, then the Washington Times beat reporters can talk all they want about how great the team is doing, how Freedom!’s on the march, even when it’s late August and they’re 34.5 games out of first.

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