To read the Washington Post tell it, PH is a fat, lazy slob and Girardi is riding him like a rented mule. When you read the actual quotes, Hughes came into camp early and has been working hard to earn his position as a starter, impressing Girardi, though one has to wonder if Hughes’ various troubles could have been partially the result of a lack of conditioning and/or work ethic. Regardless, it’s good to know that the competition is lively between Hughes, Nova, Pineda, and Garcia to join C.C. and Kuroda in the rotation. Sabathia and Hughes are both slated to pitch today against the Pirates.

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Hughes is a tough one. On the one hand it would have been hard for anyone to live up to the hype generated around him before he came up. On the other hand, by tossing a no-hitter through 6 innings in his second ML start vs. a good Texas line-up he offered enough of a glimmer for that hype machine to run into overdrive. Then injury after injury, disappointing performances, and here we are…Everyone knows – or should know – that young talent, especially pitching talent, takes time to develop. Hughes is in the least patient and most media-saturated market in baseball. Very very curious to see what he does this year.

I still think they ruined him 2 years ago when he was rolling, feeling confident and then they threw the breaks on him to limit his innings. He hasn’t been the same since.
I have no faith in Hughes anymore. I am more anxious for Joba to get back in the bullpen. Freddy is more consistent in the 5 hole.
Trade Hughes in mid-season.

I hear you krueg. But I can’t help thinking about the fact that he couldn’t get his f-ball to hit even 90 last spring and so when he tried to work off of that fastball he was just getting creamed. He has a good curve and his fball is already back at 93. I’d like to see one stretch of at least a couple months where he is neither on innings limits, nor injured, and where his velocity is there and I’m hopeful that this might be the season for it.

He’s been teasing us for years IH. I’m all about giving him a chance, but no more getting by on his name and potential. He’s not that young anymore and we need to see some results. With Pineda and the Killer B’s, we don’t NEED him as much as we did 4 years ago. I think he could be a great trade chip in June…

A little over a week into spring training and they are declaring him DOA.
Young pitcher who should be coming into his peak years.
I wouldn’t sweat this at all right now. He is still shedding the winter coat like a lot of other pitchers right now.

Sounds like a sprain…that’s good news.
I just booked my NYC trip for June…going to the Stadium to see the Indians get destroyed on 6/27. Our first day game. STOKED.

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