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Seriously, Guys: Royals-Sox Gamer II

Dear Red Sox,

Just a reminder: You're playing the Royals.

Comment away!

12 replies on “Seriously, Guys: Royals-Sox Gamer II”

bill cosby is plumb crazy. he is making dementia suffers feel like they have their lives in order.

ok. i changed my mind. i want a bill cosby channel with 24 hour coverage of his life. at whatever cost!

uhg. pickle, to out at the plate, to ellsbury ejection, to bill cosby spitting on himself, to strike out, to tears.

The bottom of what is the Sox’s A-lineup right now is killing the offense. Varitek, Kotsay and Green. Yikes. Offensive depth the Red Sox do not have.

love how i’m all worked up about a missed call at the plate that would have the sox up 1-0 in the 6th. somehow i’m able to block out the fact that it’s the royals and we should be up 7 by now. this is maddening. stop wasting at bats and stop wasting good starts.

However that missed call was made up by another missed call that led to a missed run by the Royals in the next frame, so it all evens out.

theo might wanna shake some things up in a week or two. tonites game was one nick green throwing error from a 2-1 loss and another good start squandered. v-mart could fill alot of holes.

Starting at the beginning of this week, I basically hoped the Sox would successfully limp into the All-Star Break (with Lowell gone, the lineup is trending toward mediocre, and it’s not like he was lighting the world on fire). If they split this series, I think they’ll have done that.
Then they have to make a move RE: 1B/3B.

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