Shake It Up: Yanks-White Sox Gamer

Dance all night, play all day. Late gamer, no score in the third.

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Gordon Beckham just used Andy Pettitte’s love tonight.
This umpire wants to go home early to the wife and kids… Al Leiter is trying to make a case for a larger strikezone in baseball.

I saw Avenue Q back in January. Easily the 2nd best musical I’ve ever seen (#1 is Phantom–duh), and by far the funniest. Puppet sex? That get’s an A+ from Atheose.

Floyd’s pretty decent, he’s not exactly a no-name. FIP at a career-high 3.83 this season.

Andy has been ON tonight, locating all of his pitches and making dudes look foolish with his slider. Great effort, those two errors were really unfortunate.
Ha ha he knocks the lid off the Gatorade cooler, but then carefully puts in back on afterwards. That is our Andy.

Listening on WCBS on-line from Istanbul…this inning sounds like a defensive horror-show…

IH, you’re in Istanbul? What did you do, pull an all-nighter to comment about the Ortiz fiasco? That’s dedication dude.
I’ll be flying to London tomorrow to spend a week with my family, so cheers to Europe!

Here for work rbf – Ath, I’ve been up for work and then got 1.5 hrs sleep and am on my way to the airport now to come back home so yeah – I jumped on the Ortiz story in between more mundane work and switched the game on when I woke from the nap…

Swisher is on my opponent’s team on fantasy baseball. We were previously tied in HR/RBI’s.
I don’t care. GO YANKS!

I loved Istanbul when we were on vacation there, no idea how it is for work. Sounds like the time change sucks a little.

DeWayne Wise seems to have a flair for the dramatic.
Not thrilled to have this come on a day to be backed up by Mitre. Oh well. Can’t win them all – and they’ve been winning a lot. Bon voyage Ath.

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