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Shaky Start: Yanks-Tigers Gamer II

CC is giving up early hits and the Yanks are already down 2-0 to the Tigers, who are trying to break a 7-game losing streak.  The Yanks' recent play has been sloppy but successful.  Cano is back in the line-up and Jones is in – giving Swisher his first break of the year.

Enjoy and comment on all the action here.

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I don’t even know who is starting for Detroit because I tuned in late, but he is taking half an hour between each pitch. Gardner up with Posada on in the 2nd with one out.

Gardner walks. He has been putting on good ABs lately. It’s Penny pitching. And Sterling “reports” that he is upward of 49 pitches – can that be right??? I don’t think I could have heard that right. There are 2 outs and Jeter is up. He has a hit already tonight.

CC in trouble again. 1st and 2nd, two out with Austin Jackson up. He nearly hit it out of the park last inning, but he is also a regular strike-out-victim. Let’s go CC – it’s bend-don’t-break time for the ace…

Those balls are finally finding holes for Jorge. I don’t know if anyone saw it when I posted it yesterday. But his BABIP was .082 prior to yesterday’s game. That’s gotta be frustrating.
Gardner is putting together lots of quality at bats lately. He had a string of getting on base 8 plate appearances in a row before Girardi called for him to bunt late in yesterday’s game. Jeter’s looking better too.
A-Rod is slumping badly, though.

Yeah Dusty – the stat on Jorge is a great one – that’s pretty rough. And yes, A-Rod is horrible right now. I think he’s 3 for 31 now, or something close to that.

Penny’s thrown 60 pitches through 3 innings. Even if we can’t do much against him, he’s going to have to be pretty economical to last past 6 innings. And Detroit really don’t want to use their bullpen, which is last in the AL in just about every category.

Good stat on the radio: Through his first 6 years with the Yanks (this is his 6-year anniversary), Cano has more hits than any other Yankee over their first 6 years except DiMaggio. Awesome.

WHAT THE F%$K!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
Cano takes off for second inexplicably and gets thrown out. Then Posada singles.
Then Posada takes off for second inexplicably and gets thrown out. Posada. Did the yanks flub TWO H&R plays in one inning??? What the hell? I don’t understand how this team has this record with the way they are playing.

I had to turn it off…day 4 of no cigarettes and I’m literally about to go on a fucking murder spree.
No need to go into how fucking piss poor we have been playing…because we have been winning…and I hope we win but I just have to turn it off. It’s best for everyone in this area.

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