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Shama Lama Ding Dong: Sox-Twins Gamer I

On double super secret probation? Road trip. Not sure what the Dexter Lake Club has to do with anything, but just try and look shocked when you learn of the kiln explosion, Otter.

Jon Lester tries to get the Sox back on track at Target Field, while the Twins send Jason Marquis, who was roughed up by the Bombers in his only start this year. Comment away.

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Red Sox jump to 3-0 lead on sac fly, 2-run homer by Salty.
Then Lester gives up 4 in the 4th, 2 on 2-run double to Doumit, 2 on 2-homer to Valencia, his first.
All runs cam on 2-strike pitches, with two outs. Red Sox have allowed 13 homers with 2 strikes, by far the most in MLB.
And then Lester starts moping when he gives up RBI hits.
Merloni blasting him on Twitter for his lack of focus.

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