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Shifting Sentiments

Connecticut is Yankee territory, by a whisker.  We expect nothing less, what with the rudderless Joe Lieberman and his convenient allegiances setting the example.

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Ahhh the good old Quinnipiac polling institute…Turk Wendell and Polling, what we alumni can hang our hats on.
As for the story, I wouldn’t drink from a Red Sox mug either. So take that dishwasher.

The poll was conducted right after a nine-game winning streak by New York. Might it have been different if it had been started on April 27? Where’s Nate Silver to smooth out the noise here?

I propose snap-polling immediately following each overly-demonstrative fist pump from Joba Chamberlain or Jonathan Papelbon; focus group-polling following extended exposure to portaits of Mark Teixeira’s “I just hit on your wife” at-bat face and Kevin Youkilis’ “I have to both pee and poop right now” jiggly at-bat stance; and, finally, robocalls asking what people think of the “grittiness” of Dustin Pedroia and Brett Gardner. By the end of it they’ll all be rooting for the Phillies or Mets.

“Mark Teixeira’s “I just hit on your wife” at-bat face…”
BINGO!!! I’ve been trying to define for myself exactly what he looks like at bat…this is the perfect description!
And, if he keeps hitting like he’s been, he can hit on MY wife for all I care. No, wait…strike that. :)

How wrong is that? Not only do Matsui and A-Rod not look anything alike, but calling an A-bomb from a Japanese player… I mean, wow.
CT will always be a Yankee state as a whole as long as the vast majority of Connecticutians live in Fairfield and New Haven counties. Mine was a lonely life growing up in West Haven and North Haven…

I used to go to Rookies and the Arch in high school with a fake ID! Ah, the memories!
Good to see the Yankees taking back territory in this real life version of Stratego. We’re taking Rhode Island and Western Mass next!

People have said a lot of things about Sterling. Two of then are not, “he’s good,” and “he’s thoughtful.” Maybe they used to, but as it is in life, all good things come to an end.

My dad insists that when he was a kid growing up in Manchester in the 40s and 50s, Connecticut was all Red Sox fans.

To be (maybe slightly) fair to JS, he actually caught himself on the air and realized his mistake. He also pointed this out (and laughed about it) during the post game show.
Still awful though. That and plenty of “that ball is high, it is far, it is.. caught at the wall..”

“calling an A-bomb from a Japanese player… I mean, wow” Kudos to Paul for picking up on this – made me laugh. uncomfortably.

It’s only awkward if we make it so, guys!
Sterling sure is entertaining sometimes.

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