Sidney’s Blue Period: Yanks-KC Gamer I

Sidney Ponson now wears Royal blue. After experimenting with orange and black, navy blue, and a mix of American colors, he has settled on performing his art in this hue. Fittingly he is among royalty (as if this were not inevitable for Sir Sidney), and his first test is against his former mates, our heroes. The game has begun. Ponson is behind in the count to Teixeira. Actually he just walked him! One out and two men on base makes Sidney go boom!

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After watching Ransom, I would not mind having Alex and his mirror back in the line-up. Good to have Jorge though.

Sir Sidney is back from his triumphant campaign in the WBC!
I hope His Majesty makes a royal debut.

… a royally atrocious debut.
How awesome is Cano flashing the plate discipline? 4-pitch walk today.

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