Sign Barry?!

Do you think most Sox fans have cheated in some tiny form or another on their taxes? I do. I bet most of them have. I say these jerks are taking money away from poor people. When they deducted that round at Leo J. Martin as a business expense, they were taking money away from people who really needed it. Which do you think is worse, Theo Epstein/America? Stealing money from poor people, or taking banned substances to try to make yourself better at your job?

Exactly. So who are these assholes to tell you that if you sign Barry Bonds, you’d be somehow tainting the sanctity of Fenway Park? These jerkstores taint it every time they sit their thieving asses down in the bleachers, am I right? I’ve sort of lost the point of this rhetorical exercise, so I hope you’re still on board.

Once Fire Joe Morgan covers the subject, there’s not much else left to say.  Click through for the comic brilliance.

[Full disclosure: I never deducted a round at Leo J, but definitely thieved range balls as a yute.  Maybe the worst-maintained Donald Ross course ever, at least back in the 80s.  Leo J. gave Raynham a run for its money.]

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