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Signs of Life From The Offense: Reds-Yanks Gamer III

C.C. tries to bring the Yankees a series win, with Johnny Cueto represting for the Reds.  Comment away.

17 replies on “Signs of Life From The Offense: Reds-Yanks Gamer III”

1st hit for the Reds…no reason to watch anymore.
I might take next week off too.
I don’t need this aggravation in my life right now.

Nope, Phillips vs. Sabathia.
Ball 1.
Strike 1.
Strike 2 (foul).
Ball 2.
Ball 3.
Ball 4. In comes the go-ahead run. Pulled now?

Just keeps getting worse and worse…
Literally every fucking player on this team fucking sucks now.
Jeter fucking choked yesterday, back-to-back horrible starts now for CC…
We cannot depend on a single player on this $200 million roster.
Ibanez maybe.
How fucking pathetic is that???
Fuck them.

Swisher pops out in foul territory.
Teixeira pinch hits, reaches on an error (tough play for Valdez..would have been an awesome play if Votto made the scoop).
Martin flies out to right.
Teixeira takes second on indifference.
Jones pinches.. works the count full:

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