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Sincerely Yours, Derek

I guess part of the job description of team leader is that you have to go to the mound when the manager comes out to take out the pitcher who is getting shellacked and give him a pat on the butt, like his effort has in some way bettered the team or has given everyone inspiration through his terrible struggles, even though all he’s really done is dig the team an absolutely huge hole that said team leader now has to assist everyone else on the team in climbing out of. But such are the responsibilities of a captain, and it’s actually admirable that someone like Derek Jeter can walk out to the mound when Tanyon Sturtze is getting yanked and look even remotely sincere in giving him a little fatherly “you’ll get’em next time” tap on the heinie, as if he really means it.

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I’m really debating whether I should drive from Omaha to KC for tomorrow’s game. Thank God I didn’t go down there for this one, what a pathetic display in all facets of the game. And can anyone manage less than Torre right now? Did he even come out to argue the fact that a guy was way out of the baseline on that bunt? And batting the struggling Posada cleanup? Huh?

Occassionally, jetlag is a blessing, and last night was just one of those times. You could just tell that things weren’t going to go well in the first, when Derek made that uncharacteristic flub on the basepaths (his first of the year?). Happily, I was passed out by the second, and missed the fireworks. Perhaps, the Yanks, too, were having trouble adjusting to their new time zone.
Jeremy. Don’t give up faith. Make the drive. Remember what happened after they got bombed by the Indians. Scoring for a series, thankfully, is not cumulative.
Anyway, at least Derek, MLB’s player of the week, went 2-4.

I made the drive, and when I went to pick up my tickets at the Will Call window, I realized that I had actually ordered and paid for tickets for last night’s game. Serves me right after that post! So I had to pay for more seats for tonight’s game. Oh well.

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