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Slow Change

In a stunning coup, the Yankees have traded Phil Franchise and IPK for Cole Hamels, who will bring his devastating change-up to the Bronx.

Nah, that’s not true. Just seeing if you were paying attention. There is a slow change going on with the guts of YFSF. We hope some of these features might actually even work.

We’re now using TypePad Connect, which gives the benefit of comment threading and greater linkage back to your comment history and profile. There’s some AJAX employed in the commenting which has been a bit laggy (resulting in the rash of double posts) but hopefully the TP people iron it out. There’s an option to display an avatar/icon/image of your choosing by your name. It was accidentally enabled, so you may have seen them for the last few hours. However, it is unlikely they will return.

We have a couple of other items brewing that will hopefully come to fruition this off-season. It has indeed proven to be a glacial movement. Contact the site with questions or comments.

20 replies on “Slow Change”

I was going to thank you for all your hard work but after that tease I say screw you AG! I’ve been doing work around the house all day and so I sign on and read the first sentence and scream…only to be brought back down to earth in sentence 2… You suck.

I don’t mind the reply-to feature, in fact I find it useful. I certainly don’t like the design of the feature as it stands now (thanks, Typepad!). I also don’t like the prominence of our handles.

Which is exactly why I don’t like it. It forces the posts out of order with when people posted, plus the nesting contorts the post into more and more unusually narrow shapes — which is problematic, given how often we post statistics in the threads…

This nested comment tree thingie is cool.
I wanna see how far we can push this thread towards the right hand margin of the page!

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