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Slugfest in Progress: Yanks-Rangers Gamer V

Yanks were down 5-0.  Now it's locked at 5-5 in the 6th.  80-year old Arthur Rhodes is on the mound for Texas while Boone Logan relieved Bartolo in the 5th.

Comment on the remaing late-inning drama here.

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Boone Logan gives up a double, single, and sac bunt, and the Yanks are down 6-5 with one out in the 6th. Let’s face it: Boone blows. Absolutely blows. Just because you throw the ball with your left hand does not mean you are a “lefty specialist”.

Make that 4 for 4. 7-5 Rangers. Yanks have no business being in this game. Rangers have 12 hits and it’s only the 6th inning. Yanks have 5. And Robertson gets out of it finally.

It did. t8…1 pitch, 1 out to Cano. Don’t even bother dude…we’re done.
I hate lightning. Being a tall dude, it has always scared me because I feel like I am a human lightning rod.

And the “Yankees suck” chant breaks out…I have to agree with you redneck hillbillies…we do suck right now. Badly and hard.

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