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So Early Yet So Late: Halos-Yanks Gamer

LAA is facing the Yankees early today, heading out of town as the Rays show up tomorrow.  Tyler Chatwood for the Halos, Bart for the Bombers.  Comment away.

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Thanks ag – did not have time to throw one up before bouncing out of the office. Colon looking good though certainly not dominating. And Gardner just blasts a double. Almost fell over the 1st baseman rounding the base. Jeter up with one out…

Wow – Vernon Wells’ numbers are horrifying (.209 BA; .242 OBP; .375 SLG). And Nunez barely snags a wicked liner off his bat. Poor Vernon. Tougher to hit when no one’s feeding you the signs I guess…

Granderson almost kills a little girl in the stands with a vicious foulball. She BARELY got out of the way…and then he hits what may be the HIGHEST home run I’ve seen. Not longest, but highest. He is awesome.

That was for you krueg :). AG, no one here thought it was out either. As it went higher and higher the crowd gradually went wwwhhhhHHHOOOOOOOO! Cool stuff. But we’re not leading yet. Come on Robbie!

T’s ridiculous how slowly Soriano enters the game. Kind of awkward to have Girardi and the whole infield gathered on the mound watching as he very slowls strolls across the infield to take the ball.

Jeter walked on 4 straight – last one some chin music. Grandyman to face Scott Downs, who I feel like has had the longest tenure as a non-closer late inning reliever with one team than anyone. Hasn’t he been the 7th/8th-inning guy for LAA for like 5 years now?? Usually there’s more turnover in that spot. Maybe I’m just imagining it…

> Gardner and Granderson, but have mixed views on Swisher
I love Gardner and I LOVE Granderson, and Swisher doesn’t bother me in the slightest. That’s great as far as I’m concerned.

Cervelli didn’t look hurt ag. He jogged off fine and nobody from the dugout came in to assess him. I think they wanted Martin’s fractionally-better speed at second as it was the go-ahead run at the time I guess. And I’m not so sure Jeter gets to that ball that Nunez fielded for the first out…

> I’m not so sure Jeter gets to that ball that Nunez fielded for the first out
That’s what I was thinking when I saw that play as well IH.. it was almost right up the middle.

It’s actually slightly chilly with the breeze now. I love it. This has been a perfect day…got up absurdly early, got a ton of work done by 12:30, and caught a game with some good drama. Feeling like a lucky man right now.

That’s game. This time yesterday the Yanks were 2.5 games out of 1st. Now they’re 1 back again. This team is like the Zombie Yankees to the Red Sox. Every time the Sox give them a beating the Yanks go underground for a bit only to return. I still think Boston’s the better team, but this is fun :)

Agreed Krueg, but I am not worried. I think Branyan just went up thinking, “The hell with it, I’m taking a quick cut in this spot at the first pitch no matter what.”

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