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So why is the next

So why is the next thing an 82 mph hanger? One bad decision with a very big cost. Posada is a horrible defensive catcher and mind. That’s why. And the Sox parted with plenty of dough to get Williamson, so spare me the financial crap. What “financial crap” are you referring to? Williamson only makes 1.6M per annum, so the remaining cash for the year is pretty spare. It’s nice to see that Lambchop, so villified by your Beantown cronies, is now getting a bit of due for his admittedly deft construction of a bullpen (or has it been Lucchino calling the shots–we still don’t know for sure). And again, it would be nice if you Beantown Boobs saw through the veil and acknowledged that this may have been the plan all along. Full props to Theo – he’s done what appears to be a brilliant job. But implying, as you have, that Theo had an intentionally crappy bullpen in order to better shop at midseason is a ludicrous analysis. He’s fixed a major problem deftly, as you say, and begun to cure a problem I am sure he wishes he hadn’t ever had. That heartbreaking opening day loss to the DRays was all a ploy, in your demented world, I suppose.

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