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Sobering L3: Sox-M’s Gamer II

It’s times like these you wonder exactly how the Sox are in the position they’re in. Pixie dust is off Lester (seriously, a starter has to be the top trade priority if they’re really going for it…they can try to piece a bullpen together from within), and the upcoming starters aren’t known for going deep into games, so the already-taxed bullpen is about to get a little more taxed. The break can’t come soon enough and the dreaded west coast visit is here in earnest.

Still, even facing a Webster-Iwakuma matchup (Iwakuma has tailed off recently but has been excellent on the year), there’s always hope that today brings another W, and Buchholz is slated to come back after the ASB. Comment away.

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Heylookeethere, Webster is predictably awful. Stick him in the pen and let Aceves have his starts, PLEASE.

And the Red Sox smack Iwakuma for 5 runs to take a 6-5 lead. Sadly, Webster will almost certainly still be pitching…

Nah. Run-scoring triple with 1 out and 7-6 M’s. Think I might just walk away and see how this turns out later.

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