Someone really ought to speak

Someone really ought to speak with Nomar, a coach, a mentor, someone. I think I realize now that his regular season stats are modestly inflated – they are due to the fact that the guy is a pretty darn good hitter, but he takes advantage of the fact that he faces mostly mediocre pitchers throughout the regular season (like any good hitter should). But, facing a staff like the Yankees (or A’s), his weaknesses are made ever so glaring – the predictability, the bad swings at bad pitches (all of which occurs during the regular season too, but during which he can get away with it), the utter disregard he has for situational hitting. I think the Sox need to really think about whether or not he’s going to be an integral piece of the team for the next 5-7 years. It’s a tough decision, because the guy can play, he’s a truly great one-dimensional hitter, a better-than-average fielder, and he plays hard. Any team would be lucky to have him, and the Sox may yet still make him a career Bostonian. But he’s got tremendous holes, as articulated by the Yankees and A’s these past two weeks. He’s up for a contract after next season, and I maintain that the Red Sox shouldn’t reflexively think they have to re-up this guy, unless they have some confidence that he will adjust his game a bit. My thought of a Nomar to Texas deal isn’t crazy, especially if Hicks thinks he can get Nomar at millions less than he has committed to A-Rod, he keeps a star in the ballpark for crowd draw, and the Sox can certainly carry the load of Rodriguez – he’d be a great upgrade, that goes without saying.

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