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Sometimes The Bear Eats You: Yanks-Cubs Gamer

Freddy Garcia has given up three runs at Wrigley and we're not out of the bottom of the thrid.  Doug Davis is pitching for the Cubbies.  Comment away.

26 replies on “Sometimes The Bear Eats You: Yanks-Cubs Gamer”

Liner off of the 3rd baseman, SS composes himself and still gets Eduardo…this is a fucking joke. RUN OUT OF THE BOX NUNEZ YOU IDIOT!!!!

Davis generating a lot of weak contact. He doesn’t seem all that overpowering though. Might just be one of those frustrating games where for some reason the offense can’t get solid contact on an unfamiliar pitcher.
Well, that was a solid hit from Nunez, but lined off Aramis Ramirez right to short, who double pumps and still throws out Nunez. Wow. Bad luck all the way around for the hitter.

His voice is actually funnier than his “comedy”…worst weekend update correspondent ever. Hands down. Also no surprise SNL is generally unwatchable since he became Head Writer.
What a douchbag.

Andruw Jones is a joke…automatic out.
Davis’ best start in years. That’s how fucking terrible we are.
I’m out. Taking a week off from this pathetic excuse for a team.
2nd place is just the 1st loser.

worst weekend update correspondent ever. Hands down. Also no surprise SNL is generally unwatchable since he became Head Writer.
No way. He’s much better than Amy Poehler was behind the desk. And SNL is also much better than it was, say, five years ago, though it’s still pretty hit-or-miss.
Also, his riff during the Correspondents Dinner, along with Obama’s, probably helped end Trump’s campaign (if he ever truly intended to have one in the first place), so we have to give him credit for that.

We had been pretty lucky in the Texas series. A lot of uncannily good swings on bad pitches to hit (like those 98 MPH fastballs around the hands from Neftali Feliz).
Some of our guys need some work on their approach. A-Rod looks like his hip is flying open way to early. Cano is chasing everything (though he’s so damn talented, he can get away with it). Teixiera’s too passive.

Talking about who has been better on SNL the past decade is like trying to decide whose been the best Pittsburgh Pirate over the same time…
Good point. Tina Fey wasn’t even a current cast member when she did the Palin impressions, was she?

We suck. We’re winning nothing this year. Can’t even beat the sorry-ass fucking Cubs. They should all be ashamed. Fucking loser.
I’m out for a week. Maybe longer if this keeps up.

Drew you suck, bases loaded week grounder, I said the other day RF was a hole and it still is, ditch him and Cameron now and find someone else

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