Somewhere Cashman Patted Himself on the Back

The first day of the draft is over and it looks as if the Yanks did well for themselves. Here’s the thing: I know nothing about the players the Yanks drafted except for what was said about them on sites such as Baseball Analysts, Baseball Prospectus, and In George We Trust. Nevertheless, the general consensus seems to be that the Yanks played it safe with their first pick, and came away with a few steals later in the day.

A more detailed recap follows after the jump.

The Yanks went with Ian Kennedy with their first pick who is said to possess great command of four pitchers and apparently has a good make-up. He doesn’t wow the scouts, however, and he had a sub-par last season at USC. He’s a client of Boras but the rumor is that the Yanks have aready signed him. From what I’ve read, this is viewed by the experts as the weakest selection of New York’s draft.

The Yanks’ next pick of Joba "The Hutt (stolen from poster "Carla" at WasWatching)" Chamberlain is generally viewed more positively. He was projected by some as a first-rounder but a tricep injury scared teams away. In pictures he looks kind of like Sidney Ponson, and if there’s one player I love it’s Sidney Ponson.

The big steals of the draft for the Yanks might have happened in the 8th and 9th rounds. The Yanks, banking on their wealth, went for pitchers with first round talent who have signability or injury issues. In the 8th round, the Bombers picked home-town high school star Dellin Betances. He’s 6-8 and has a very live fast ball. Scouts liken him to Daniel Cabrera. New York followed that excellent pick with the selection of Mark Melancon who is generally regarded as the best reliever in the draft. His stock fell because of an injury and the potential that he’d be difficult to sign this year.

My view? My expertise in terms of the future of picks is limited to my feeling about a player’s name. Following my gut, I like the sound of "Joba Chamberlain" and "Dellin Betances". I have serious doubts about "Ian Kennedy." Has there ever been a star baseball player named Kennedy? Has there ever a Kennedy of note outside of New England?

Anyway, it appears the Yanks have done a good job for the second year in a row with the draft.

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  • you guys should really give cashman a curtain call for a good draft. remember when things used to mean something. i can’t wait till i’m old enough to feel ways about stuff.

    sf rod June 7, 2006, 3:36 pm
  • oops! I forgot.
    *Nick stands up and claps for 30 seconds. The boss appears with a look of puzzlement at the office door. There is no sign of Cashman. Nick sits back down in his seat and looks at his keyboard in shame.*

    Nick-YF June 7, 2006, 3:46 pm
  • Where’s YF with the wet blanket? I thought we couldn’t judge drafts for five years?

    SF June 7, 2006, 3:58 pm
  • Well I guess SF has some crystal ball, so he knows exactly how this draft is going to pan out. Go take a peek at the #1 picks in the entire draft over the past 15 years, it’s pretty hit and miss. And frankly more miss than hit. And that’s with the NUMBER ONE PICK. So, yeah, i think guessing about how well the 146th choice is going to pan out, well, not so easy, right. But there’s a difference between seeing how the draft will pan out, and evaluating whether your team put themselves in the BEST POSITION FOR THINGS TO PAN OUT, and if SF wasn’t deliberately misconstruing my arguments (see SF–you do it to!! JOKE!), he’d admit that was true. To wit I would say that, from all that I’ve read, the Sox had a terrific draft, esepecially with their back to back first rounders. As for the Yanks, it looks like they did okay too, as Nick has noted. Kennedy might be a bit of a dubious choice (some of the rotogeeks are rolling their eyes), but he impressed Rich Lederer over on Baseball Analysts, and he knows what he’s doing. So whatever. That’s my initial take. Steve Goldman, on the Pinstripe Bible, claimed the Yankees needed to have a great draft–and my guess is he’s unhappy, esp. with a guy like Kennedy–if they’re going to win the division this year. I think that’s kind of crazy talk, almost Steinbrennerian. But whatever. Obviously, good drafting is important for the future. So we’ll see what happens.

    YF June 7, 2006, 4:26 pm
  • Aw, lighten up, YF.
    And what about that D’Brickashaw pick. Genius!

    SF June 7, 2006, 4:53 pm
  • Joba the hut was named that by many of us who have seen him pitch at haymarket park…being a local to Omaha and Lincoln I saw not only the Sox new draft pick play every few days, but got to see Joba play when he wasn’t injured…
    The dude is big, I kid you not, and his stuff is money…but his money was gone ALL season ths year, last year he did well for a few games…but after that…not much.

    TheTree1918 June 7, 2006, 7:31 pm
  • For the record, to follow are the Yankee picks. Lots of RHPs. Everything I’ve read of late from the stat folks indicates this was a VERY GOOD draft for the Yanks. Initial qualms about Kennedy seem to be a bit overstated–he may not be an ace, but he seems to be a solid, safe pick–and Betances and Melancon might just be the steals of the draft. Lots of guys with big up sides, and more than anything just LOTS of college pitchers; shotgun method suggests at least a couple pan out.
    21 R/R RHP Ian Kennedy, USC, 12.19.1984
    41 R/R RHP Joba Chamberlain, Nebraska 09.23.1985
    104 R/R RHP Zachary McAllister, Illinois Valley Central High 12.08.1987
    134 L/L RF Colin Curtis, Arizona State 02.01.1985
    164 R/R RHP George Kontos, Northwestern 06.12.1985
    194 R/R SS Mitchell Hilligoss, Purdue 06.17.1985
    224 R/R RHP Timothy Norton, U Connecticut 05.23.1983
    254 R/R RHP Dellin Betances, Grand Street Campus 03.23.1988
    284 R/R RHP Mark Melancon, Arizona 03.28.1985
    314 R/R RHP Casey Erickson, Springfield College IL 08.28.1985
    344 L/L LF Jeffrey Fortenberry, Baylor 09.01.1983
    374 R/R RHP Nicholas Peterson, U Tampa 10.03.1984
    404 R/R RHP Daniel McCutchen, Oklahoma 09.26.1982
    434 L/L LF Donald Hollingsworth UC Riverside 05.28.1985
    464 R/R RHP Gabriel Medina, Emporia St 02.17.1984
    494 R/R RHP Paul Patterson, Norther Kentucky 05.08.1984
    524 R/R RHP David Robertson, Alaabama Tuscaloosa 04.08.1985
    554 L/L LHP Paul Howell, American Christian Academy 09.06.1987
    584 R/R 2B Christopher Kunda, Oregon St 11.01.1984
    614 R/R 2B Kevin Russo, Baylor 07.08.1984
    644 R/R 2B Russell Raley, Oklahoma 12.30.1983
    674 L/L LF Brian Aragon, NC State 01.12.1984
    704 L/L LHP Brandon Thomson, Chandler Gilbert CC 08.17.1985
    734 R/R C Brian Baisley U South Florida 12.19.1982
    764 S/R SS Kevin Carby, Texarkana CC 11.24.1986
    794 L/L LHP Timothy Dennehy, Chandler Gilbert CC 09.22.1986
    824 R/R RHP Michael Lee, Bellevue CC 11.18.1986
    854 R/R RHP Barrett Bruce, Flower Mound HS 01.15.1988
    884 S/R C Orlando Torres, PuertoRico BB academy HS 08.07.1987
    914 R/R C Brock Ungricht, SDSU 12.31.1984
    944 L/R CF Zakary Presley, Carroll, TX HS 12.20.1987
    974 L/L LHP Thomas Palica, Golden West Col 07.21.1987

    YF June 8, 2006, 12:57 am

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