Sound Familiar?

Just don't get your Football in my Baseball, OK? BAMARAMARAMARAMARAMARAMA.

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That also pretty much describes the difference between baseball at New Comiskey Park and at Wrigley as I experienced it a few years ago. Obviously the White Sox are the football team among the two Chicago baseball clubs.

I got to see City Field for the first time this past Sunday and, for first impressions, I think the Mets are trying to strike that balance (or more cynically, have it both ways). It seemed like the inning breaks had more old-timey organ music than usual, but the BAMARAMARAMARAMA was more pronounced when it did happen. Or maybe this is just a function of the fact that they now have stadium-wide speakers, instead of two big ones planted in the outfield.

I like Citi the time I went. But I didn’t pay much attention to the game, and roamed a bit, so I didn’t pay attention to the sound effects..

I don’t get the whole “BAMARAMARAMARAMA” thing. What am I missing here? Does it just mean really loud new music?

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