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Southpaw Saturday: A’s-Yanks Gamer

Florida native Gio Gonzalez has the uncommon and confusing distinction of being traded for himself, as part of the Rowand/Thome trade when he was sent by the Sox to the Phillies, who eventually sent him back as the PTBNL. In his young career, the 23-year-old has likely learned to be a lean traveler, having bounced up and down and all around. In his last outing, he was touched for four home runs along with three walks and lasted 2.2 innings. In the best of his four starts this season, he struck out eight in six innings against the Tribe.

The Yankees send Andy Pettitte, who battled Baltimore his last time out, allowing only one earned run (a dinger) on six hits and and eight strikeouts along with two walks on his way to a no decision in a contest the Yankees eventually won on a walk-off by Godzilla.

Lineups follow, comment away.

A. Kennedy 3b .285
O. Cabrera ss .274
S. Hairston lf .264
N. Garciaparra dh .258
J. Cust rf .236
R. Davis cf .256
B. Crosby 1b .220
M. Ellis 2b .222
L. Powell c .250
G. Gonzalez 9.33
NY Yankees
D. Jeter dh .320
B. Gardner cf .274
M. Teixeira 1b .280
A. Rodriguez 3b .252
N. Swisher rf .233
R. Cano 2b .312
M. Cabrera lf .284
C. Ransom ss .188
J. Molina c .255
A. Pettitte 4.62

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Ugh, what an awful lineup. These are the days they need a RH bat. Shelly Duncan ain’t much he’d give them that.

I admit my mistake. Aceves can be our 7th and 8th inning guy. He’s looked stellar today. Girardi declares Hughes will not be used today and our pen struggles. It’s now 4-1. Leave Hughes where he is. If he needs to be maxed out send him to fall and winter ball. It’s now 6-1. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
Mitre starts tomorrow. That’s broke.
You need to get a lead to the bullpen in order for them to have something to preserve.

Bottom of the 12th in Toronto, Rays up 10-9. Rios walks to lead off the inning, and immediately gets bunted over to 2nd.

P’raps this is the game we’ve been waiting for? (Or at least I’ve been waiting for…)

Im sick of Lester having the worst goddamn luck in his starts. Slow infield chopper to Lowell, no chance of an out.

Can you believe this at-bat to Wieters? All strikes, but only two of them called.

I hope I don’t jinx anything but it feels like I just got my team back…

Do you guys need a thread or would you like to continue discussing the Sox in here?

Ortiz hit on the belly. He didn’t make a move towards first, but the ump then tells him to go.

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