Sox Get Peavy+

Jake Peavy from CWS and a RH reliever (Brayan Villareal, been hurt and in AAA, I gather) from DET for Iglesias to DET and a couple minor prospects (not Bogaerts, JBJ, etc.) to CWS in 3-way deal with Tigers/White Sox. Jhonny Peralta is probably going to be Biogenesised in a few days (that is, suspended), so this could accurately called a desperation trade for the Tigers, and I think they got fleeced here since the prospects they sent to CWS (in particular this fella named Garcia) are apparently highly touted.

This trade makes a ton of sense for the Sox–the rotation is deeper and the bullpen will be bolstered by the trade and presumably by Workman (pushed out of the rotation for now, and I wonder if that’s a mistake considering his performance, but he’s had so few starts). Iglesias was showing signs of coming back to earth in a big way and even with his superb defense, never projected to have a major league stick. Sox sold high. Now the question is, will Middlebrooks or Xander Bogaerts be the new starting 3B? One has to presume it will be Middlebrooks for now, I’d think. We’ll see.

Peavy is known to be not healthy for big stretches. He’s coming off a DL stint (a couple of decent starts since then), in fact. If he can be healthy for two (dare I hope three?) months, he’ll be worth it. He’s also on contract for next year at $14m or so. Will be an interesting rest of season/off-season with the “glut” of pitching…something you can never have enough of.

They’re a better team today than they were yesterday. So fun.

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