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Adrian Gonzalez starts in right field, while Big Papi is at first base. Yep. Twenty-three-year-old Vance Worley takes the mound for Philadelphia. John Lackey starts for the Red Sox. Comment away.

J. Ellsbury cf .299
D. Pedroia 2b .273
A. Gonzalez rf .357
K. Youkilis 3b .272
D. Ortiz 1b .311
J. Saltalamacchia c .258
J. Reddick lf .414
M. Scutaro ss .277
J. Lackey .000, 7.36
J. Rollins ss .257
P. Polanco 3b .289
C. Utley 2b .270
R. Howard 1b .253
S. Victorino cf .291
R. Ibanez lf .230
D. Brown rf .220
B. Schneider c .161
V. Worley p .200, 2.83

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One of Lackey’s better starts of this year, too bad they couldn’t get any runs for him. Ibanez just owns Lackey, even on the HR it was a good pitch, though a bit more inside than I think he wanted.

SF, come on. The Red Sox are as far from a disaster as you can get. Despite some inconsistent performances against a variety of pitchers, they still have the best (or close to it) offense in baseball. And their pitching staff is led by a rejuvenated Beckett and always-good Jon Lester. Buchholz will be coming back soon, and that’s a top three you can go to war with. Yeah, Lackey kinda sucks, and the fifth starter is up in the air, but that’s no different than any other team. The right field situation could be classified as a disaster, but these things tend to work themselves out. I don’t believe for a second the Red Sox would risk their season over a couple million on some player they want on the trade market. Maybe Beltran can’t be done, but there will be someone with a capable outfielder for sale. It’s unfortunate Kalish is hurt, otherwise he’d have been up weeks ago.

Seriously, regular lineups with Darnell McDonald, Mike Cameron, will not cut it. Josh Beckett is a better hitter than either of them!
They need health. Without Buchholz or Crawford and Drew not rebounding they’ve got some problems. They are astounding when healthy. Like any good team (or bad team, for that matter) with injuries they are a far lesser beast. This week has exposed the problems. If they get healthier, I have little fears. But if they remain banged up like they are then forget it. This is hardly a controversial claim. I don’t like the Sox’ chances without Drew performing, Crawford and Buck on the DL. And frankly Lester has been fairly underwhelming this year, if not outright bad at a more concerning rate.

i agree andrew…sf is starting to sound like he did when they started 2-12 [or whatever it was]…these sox are the same team that won their next 30 out of 40 [or whatever it was]…you get my point…they are probably somewhere in between…do they have some flaws?…of course as you pointed out, but collectively they are the best [or certainly in the top 2 or 3] team in baseball…a couple of losses isn’t going to change that…in sf’s defense though, i go through the same anxiety when the yanks go into one of their funks…

Calling Paul!
How many teams have lost 10 of 12, 6 of 7, and 5 of 6 in three single stretches in one season and gone on to do anything of note? All in the first half of the season to boot.
This team is a roller coaster, and I can’t say it is that enjoyable to watch. This has been one of the more maddening seasons I have ever experienced from an observational standpoint.

“…How many teams have lost 10 of 12, 6 of 7, and 5 of 6 in three single stretches in one season and gone on to do anything of note?…”
as long as they don’t do something like that in the post season, i think they’ll be alright… ;)

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