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Sox-Rox Gamer: Why Aren’t You Watching?

Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching. You’re an ass if you don’t watch this game if it is available to you, regardless of your affiliation. Lackey is going for the Sox.

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If now isn’t the time to switch the roles, then when is? How much longer are we gonna watch this walking train wreck of a closer get lucky everynight?
Tito has to understand by this point, that Bard is so superior to Papelbon on every single level, there is one hundred percent no reason whatsoever to maintain the status-quo here.
Either take away his title, or move him in whatever trade you’re going to make.
Jesus Christ. Here’s how bad it is: I’d rather have Tim Wakefield for 8 more years than Papelbon on this team for two months.
Go back on bereavment. Demand a trade. Whatever the case, please, please, please – JUST GO AWAY.

when Brad says something like “Here’s how bad it is: I’d rather have Tim Wakefield for 8 more years than Papelbon on this team for two months”
You know it’s bad! I turned off the game in the 8th – couldn’t watch anymore. Glad they hit well agains Jiminez – bad Paps.

Oh, and another thing – Bard has actually been pitching in higher leverage situations than Papelbon this year. So it’s probably good to keep him where he is – much more valuable in the kill the rally 7 & 8 innings.

At least if a team blows it in the seventh or eigth, dw, there is still an inning or two to rebound.
When the Mississippi Idiot gives up shot after shot after hit after walk in the ninth, there is no return.
Bard is superior in every facet. It makes absolutely no sense to run an inferior pitcher, and one with rapidly declining numbers in every single category, out there in front of him.
The higher leverage situation thing makes sense, but come on!
They’re going to keep screwing around with Lowell, and he’s gonna ask for his release.

Yes, I agree – I just think it’s funny that the high leverage innings should go to the best pitcher, and that happens to be Bard (in relief), and he happens to be getting the most of them. On another note – he’s (Bard) got three good pitches, to bad he hasn’t been able to be consistent enough to be a starter.
So Cliff Lee in a trade to anyone in the AL east?

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