Spent a nice long weekend

Spent a nice long weekend out in La-la land, staying in a hotel with a view of the lights of Chavez Ravine in the distance. A quick observation: baseball, and maybe sports (beyond the springtime antics of the painful contingent of superficial bandwagon-riding, hyper-obnoxious Laker pseudo-devotees), just don’t seem to really matter out in Los Angeles. I am sure there are many rabid sports fans there (however closeted they seem), and I am guessing that, at some point during any given franchise’s season, there is a degree of crazed intensity. But to compare (however superficially from my 5 day visit) the fandom of the Dodgers and Angels to the scores of demented Sox, Yankees, Bears, Jets, Cubs fans is to compare apples and oranges. It shows through in the spotty newspaper coverage (I mean, the LA Times isn’t chopped liver, so what’s their excuse?), the weak as HELL sports radio (even the basest sports radio should be filled with idiots proposing silly trades or “Jerome from the Bronx”, but the LA sports radio seemed to focus on autograph-signing sessions in Orange County), and the all-around feeling of malaise, even as the Dodgers remain in the Wild Card hunt. Sad. Oh, and as an aside, Weaver and Wells in ’04!

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