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Spot Em’ One To Make It Interesting, AJ: Brewcrew-Yanks Gamer

Milwaukee has scored a run in the first off of Burnett.. The Yankees face Shawn Marcum whom they always had pretty good results against when he was a Blue Jay.  C'mon, AJ.  Get some Sheen on.

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Absolutely loving watching this team right now. Solid D (that over the shoulder catch-turned-into-DP by Granderson was phenomenal), very strong pitching (everyone contributing strong starts lately with AJ going into the 8th with only 2 ERs tonight and Bartolo due back this weekend and Hughes likely back nexst week or the week after), and lots of offensive contributions up and down the line-up. And Girardi has worked his magic with the bullpen again, taking a decimated staff and turning it into a real strength. Just great stuff.
Of course, as soon as I say all that, Nunez with ANOTHER error allowing hte leadoff man to get on. Oh well. Still a lot of work left tonight to lock this one down – hope they can do it with Robertson (who has been superlative this year – just 1 ER in his last 18 appearances) and Mo. Certainly not counting the chickens here with Braun and Fielder due up…

Robertson just made Braun look hideous. I posted a link to an article earlier this year that analyzed Robertson’s effectiveness – and I made a snide crack re: how everyone must have been wondering about it — I take it all back…then he K’s Hart looking. Love it. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Mo seals the deal and the Yanks extend their lead in the division. Don’t know how long this can/will last, but am definitely going to enjoy it while it does. Granderson/Teix/A-Rod/Cano go 1-for-14 and they still bang our 5 runs thanks to Russell, Swish, and Posada, all of whom have taken a bit of a beating for slumps this year.

Can we get a giant foam finger!?
What a fun season so far. It’s nice to be the undersogs for a change. I just wish I was watching Banuelos and Noesi over Garcia and Gordon.

i’m holding up a finger for you james…but, it’s not foam, and it’s not my index finger…have fun with that visual…look, go ahead and enjoy the cup of coffee the yanks are having in first place while we wait for the sox to get revved up again and storm past us…the rays keep creeping closer too…i expect a few more lead changes before this one’s over so let’s all keep our fingers to ourselves…uh, not sure that sounds right, but you know what i mean…
and what’s an undersog? ;) not sure i wanna be one…

I am pretty impressed that a team racked with injuries that played so poorly in the first half of the season had been fighting for, let alone actually occupying 1st place!
I am very excited to see what treasures a few trades will bring to the Bronx over the next month. Not to mention hopefully the return of the GREAT Derek Jeter, Bartolo and hopefully an arm of two back into the bullpen.
I am stoked.

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