Starcrossed Staff?

We’d love to be excited by Al Leiter’s performance, but our guess is his previous three starts are more in line with what we can expect from him; how many times was he helped by an at ’em ball or a friendly strike call? And the Jays ain’t the top hitting team in the league. For Leiter to have success, games are going to have to follow that script, and that’s nothing to feel comfortable about, as we’ve seen. It’s a fine line between wily and washed-up. Where that line is drawn can fall as much to fortune as skill. And fortune is a very fickle friend. But we’ll take the win.

Of course Leiter’s performance was the good news of the day. The more disturbing stories: RJ is having back problems, which may force him out of the rotation (and who knows what affect they’ve been having on his sub-par performance) and Pavano has regressed and is headed for Dr. James Andrews and possibly The Knife. Blame poor off-season planning, blame the fates, blame Dubya (why not?). We don’t really care. Fault doesn’t really register at this point. We just want our boys to win.

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  • [EDIT: Comment deleted due to tastelessness. Please, keep these reasonable, everyone.]

    Joe August 8, 2005, 1:16 pm
  • Hey, the Jays were the top hitting team in July. You can look it up.

    jetes August 9, 2005, 9:44 pm

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