State of the Races 9/16

The two East division leaders have a shot to close out their division title tonight by beating the 2nd place team (Baltimore vs. Toronto with a tragic # of 1, and Washington vs. Atlanta with a tragic # of 2–Miami also has a tragic # of 1, so a Nationals win will eliminate them as well).  The AL West will take at least another day past this to wrap up (and should likely be done before the weekend arrives with the A’s tragic # at 3).  The Central titles are still in flux (though KC is closer to Detroit than Pittsburgh is to St. Louis) along with the NL West (LA has only gained ground since this past weekend).  The best record race in the AL is still vaguely competitive with Baltimore 4 behind LA.  In the NL, the best record is still anyone’s game as St. Louis, the trailing division leader, is only 3.5 behind Washington and LA just a half-game back of the NL East beasts (hell, San Francisco still has an unlikely chance, 4.5 back).

Each wild card race features 3 teams fighting for 2 spots in the 1-game playoff.  In the AL: Oakland (+1.0), KC (–), and Seattle (-2.0) are the realistic contenders with Toronto, Cleveland, and NY still outside shots.  In the NL: San Francisco (+ 2.5), Pittsburgh (–), and Milwaukee (-1.5) are the competitors, while Atlanta and Miami hang out on the fringes.  Hopefully at least one of these comes down to the last day.

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