State of the Races 9/26

Boston won (Peavy was bailed out in a big way by his offense, though he did pitch 6 innings at least while giving Helton a home run and a double in his final home game for a retirement gift) and Oakland lost (stifled by Weaver and the Angels), so the Red Sox’ magic # for best record is 2 as they are up 2.0 with 3 to play for both teams (neither plays today). Scherzer got win 21 (a 1-0 duel with Correia) and the Tigers celebrated their third straight division title. The Yanks and Royals were shoved from October baseball by Cleveland’s victory over the White Sox (with an assist from the Mariners, who shut out KC for the second straight game), so only TB, CLE, and TEX live on in the AL wild card race. All three of those teams won yesterday, so the order is still TB +1.0, CLE –, TEX -1.0.

St. Louis all but wrapped up the division yesterday with a victory over the Nats, while Pittsburgh lost to the Cubs. Cards magic #: 1. Atlanta lost, so they are a half game behind the Cards (down 1 in the win column) for best record, though, as written yesterday, Atlanta holds the advantage in the tiebreaker. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati both lost, with the Pirates maintaining their 1-game lead over the Reds in the quest for play-in game homefield advantage. The two teams will play each other in Cincinnati this weekend and are 8-8 against one another on the season, so if the Reds win the series and tie the Pirates for final regular season record, the play-in game will be in Cincinnati. If the Pirates win the series, they’ll play at PNC on October 1st (I think this is all true…). Probably the most exciting series of the weekend.

Games that matter today (it’s not a full slate and a couple teams died yesterday):

Rays (Cobb) @ Yankees (Nova, final home game for Mariano, best wishes, IH!) 7:05 ET
Phillies (Cloyd) @ Braves (Hale) 7:10 ET
Angels (Williams) @ Rangers (Garza) 8:05 ET
Indians (McAllister) @ Twins (Albers) 8:10 ET
Dodgers (Volquez) @ Giants (Lincecum) 10:15 ET

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  • Also worth noting (kinda): The AL’s division winners are all within 3 games of each other, so a three-way tie is not impossible (Boston is swept by Orioles, Detroit sweeps Marlins, Oakland wins 2 and loses 1 against Mariners). Oakland would have the advantage over Boston in that scenario, as would Detroit. So Boston could still be the 3-seed at this point and be the road team in both rounds of the AL playoffs if it came to that (Oakland went 4-3 against the Tigers, so they’d be the 1-seed and the ALDS for the Sox would be against Detroit).

    Devine September 26, 2013, 11:45 am

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