Steak Out in the Bronx

Paul Lukas, the Intrepid Uniwatcher and friend of YFSF, ventured forth to the Bronx for dinner at NYY Steak. The meat was good, the service friendly, and the flat-screen TVs plentiful, though they were not tuned to the Yankee game then in progress because it was on "My9" and not the YES network. (You're doin' a heckuva job Brownie Randy!) Dinner for two cost $302, not outrageous for a premium steak house (though you'd be better off at Luger's) and well below a decent box seat! If only you could watch the game….

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who orders 9$ asparagus?
It sounds like a decent place to eat, if I was to ever venture that deep into the lair.

“who orders 9$ asparagus?”
the amazing thing is that after you eat it your pee smells like money. I think there’s a line from The Great Gatsby about this.

> who orders 9$ asparagus?
Crap, I don’t want to write this because Nick is so funny, but I will. I order $9 asparagus. It’s not on a whim.
Young asparagus and young beet are pinnacle vegetables when treated with proper respect, augmented reservedly. Pee jokes aside, there’s nothing like peak asparagus/beets in the vegetable world. They need so little help other than slight seasoning, so delicious and complex are they; so ready to eat as-is with only reserved cooking approaches.
To me, good asparagus is one of the few flavors that can stand up to a quality steak and not seem weak/throw-away filler/crowd pleaser. I’m trying to say that please, don’t kill my palate with a bloated, starchy russet loaded with cream and bacon. Give me that lovely green shoot with a pinch of salt and pepper so I can taste my steak without the dairy lacquer. Well cared-for cows eat grass. Asparagus is grass. They taste great together.
Wait, what was I talking about? Anyway, $6 for effing blue cheese? It had better be some of the stankiest, gooiest, filthiest bleu i’ve ever smelled.

Hey, this might be nitpicking, but $302 is a big premium for a good steak joint. At places like Sparks, Lugers, Palm $100 a head should get you all you need plus some half-decent wine. No stent though.
Sounds like a place to completely avoid.

Isn’t going to a stadium for a sit-down dinner (out of sight of the game, no less) like going to the Met for racquet ball lessons? Then again, $100+ meals are a different universe to me, so I might be the wrong person to ask.

The New York 151 Volcano is clearly a symbol of the team’s recent past: everything up in flames! It is also perhaps one of the more awful looking desserts I have seen in a while.
And Gerb is right: beets rule. Good beets prepared well are just amazing. I’d pay more than nine for a plate of’em done right.

7:11 p.m.: As we admire the two different kinds of salt on our table, a waiter in a pinstriped shirt appears, introduces himself as Robert, and pours us some water from a logo-emblazoned bottle. “We filter our own water on-site, to reduce our carbon footprint,” he says. I ask if this same water is used in the stadium water fountains, and he says no. Translation: Those slobs watching the ballgame are sucking down raw sewage, while Mike and I are drinking the good stuff. We clink glasses to celebrate our superior hydration.
This stuff is gold! Great article YF.

Not such a fan of beets but I would totally spring for $9 asparagus in the right joint. And creamy mashed potatoes with a little bit of that blue cheese mixed in is a great complement to steak as well… and maybe a little bearnaise sauce too… mmm.

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