Steroid Cortisone Possibly Responsible For Jeter’s Injury

Seriously. Deadspin reports that Derek Jeter’s broken ankle tied to steroid use.

Steroids that allow you to play beyond your natural limits and return your body to a non-injured state are bad and illegal. Steroids that allow you to play beyond your natural limits and leave your body torn and fraying are good and legal. Alex Rodriguez is a cheater; Derek Jeter is a gamer. And one of them was face-down in the dirt with a blown-out leg the other night.

There is nothing I can possibly add to this continued glaring hipocrisy. Well maybe one thing.

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  • one guy tried to tell me jeter broke his ankle tripping over 3rd base…i asked him if he saw the replay and he said no, but the guy that told him saw it…he argued with me for 5 mins before i gave up and said ok, you’re right, that’s what happened…good thing that guy’s not a replay official…i couldn’t care less about the rights or wrongs of cortisone v. “other steroids”…cortisone is used to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling…it doesn’t cure anything, or grow big muscles…anyone seeing jeter limping and dragging his leg off the field in one game, only to return the next game and leg out a double like he was 25 again had to be wondering what’s up…deadspin is basically just a gossip column, so i wasn’t at all surprised at how dreadfully misleading the headline was, although i suppose it was a lame attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor…when people mention sports and steroids in the same breath, they’re not thinking cortisone, and any story linking jeter to the topic is gold, but there’s really no news here…and i’m not at all worried about the debate over good steroid v. bad steroid…that’s up to baseball to sort out…the real story here is while yankee fans admire jeter’s toughness, in this case it betrayed him…he probably figured he was going to have to sit out if he gave in to the original injury, so being who he is, he tried to gut it out for however long the yankees playoff run would go…i agree with the assertion that one injury can lead to another…i saw it coming, and was not at all surprised that he went down like a sack of potatoes fielding what should have been a routine ground ball…at first i thought it might be a knee, but you just knew when he couldn’t get up on his own that it was bad…perhaps disbelief that this could happen to jeter, who seems to never get hurt, was why that guy swore he saw him trip over third base…

    dc October 16, 2012, 8:44 am
  • I finally have interweb access besides my phone…hate typing on my phone…

    Here’s my take on Jeter. He is an interracial angel, no fucking way he did steroids. People hate him because he is a golden god, and they all wish they had him on their shit teams.

    But I digress…

    So, we suck worse than all my silly posts could even mock at this point. Maybe it’s a good thing? Maybe we need to hit the reset button like the Sox did? We are getting old man. We cannot count on Jeter, Andy and Mo anymore. And unfortunately, Swisher, Kurtis, Cano, ARod, et al are showing they are not Champions. We need changes. Now, the problem with that is the people making the decisions. Cashman sucks, I’m sorry. Our farm system is bare. They over-hype the prospects and they rarely if ever pan out. I mean, yes, Cano LOOKS like a great player…but when has he ever carried the team when needed? Maybe a little last ALDS, but he has the longest hitless streak in postseason history now.

    Maybe we need to go back the 80’s. I hope not, but I really do not like most of these players.

    krueg October 16, 2012, 9:59 am

    Believe it or not, I have NOT given up hope. I have about 3.7% of hope left…

    krueg October 16, 2012, 10:00 am
  • “…Maybe we need to hit the reset button like the Sox did? We are getting old man. …”

    yes, and yes

    “…We cannot count on Jeter, Andy and Mo anymore. …”

    i keep telling my son to appreciate growing up in a golden era for yankee baseball, getting to experience a nice run of championships and playoff appearances, and seeing some of the best players ever to wear the uniform

    “…And unfortunately, Swisher, Kurtis, Cano, ARod, et al are showing they are not Champions. …”

    yes…arod did carry us in ’09, but that seems like 100 years ago

    “…Cano LOOKS like a great player…but when has he ever carried the team when needed? …”

    because he can’t…cano has skills, but he’s streaky and he lacks intensity…perfect example: in a game the other day he hit a dribbler toward 1stB that the pitcher fielded…of course as is his style, he jogged to 1st…the pitcher sent an underhand lollipop to the 1stB that probably still beat cano by a few feet…his answer afterward when asked about it?…i don’t think i would’ve beaten the throw even if i had been running hard…oy…talk about somebody that doesn’t get it

    dc October 16, 2012, 10:42 am
  • I don’t know what the answer is dc…besides firing Cashman and Girardi.

    krueg October 16, 2012, 11:06 am
  • i hear ya man…you can’t fire the team, but isn’t that exactly what the red sox did?…it’ll be interesting to see how patient sox fans will be while the FO is rebuilding the team…i know yankee fans don’t have that kind of patience…somebody, a marlins fan, reminded me the other day that i should be happy with the yankees having the best record in the american league, and that they are 1 of 4 finalists for the world series trophy…nice spin, but it didn’t satisfy me…alas, i was seduced by the notion that they could storm through the playoffs bashing homers and scoring runs in bunches…pitching was my main concern, but i figured, hell, we can outscore anyone…hahaha…then reality hit me…the yankees had been treading water for months, all along we agreed that the homers would dry up in the playoffs, and girardi would be reduced to checking his binder for new ways to rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic…i do have to give joe credit for having the stones to manage arod…haven’t seen tonight’s lineup yet, but it’s hard to imagine both swisher and granderson being in it…it’s been a pleasant surprise so far that the pitching has held up it’s end of the deal…the other good news is that swisher, granderson, and cano just made themselves a lot more affordable if we even still want to keep them…can’t imagine any team wanting them unless their goal is simply to have a good regular season, and if they fail in the post season, so what…i’m pretty sure no team has that for a mission statement

    dc October 16, 2012, 5:12 pm
  • Yep, we have higher expectations.

    When I spend $500 at a game for tix, beer and grub…I expect GREATNESS!!!!

    krueg October 16, 2012, 8:25 pm

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