Still Still Getting Used To This Thing


Yankees home opener and 2009 WS ring ceremony. Among the players on the 2009 team that are not on the Yankees anymore, Jerry Hairston Jr. flew from San Diego to get his ring, and now-Angel WS MVP Hit-Deki Matsui got a very nice ovation from the fans and the team itself.

For actual baseball, it's Pettitte (who also received a very nice ovation) vs E. Santana, and Nick Johnson already has his first homerun of the season.

For more images of the rings, visit, where you can also view all the different World Series rings dating back to the 1922 Giants victory over the Yankees. 

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Loved the reception they gave Matsui. Still wished he was here.
I wonder if he would be considered a true Yankee if they didn’t win last year. Classy all the way.

If AP wasn’t pitching so well (knock on wood) so far, we’ll be hearing more about the Yanks leaving men on base. It’s like clockwork, only they’re not scoring.
This game should not be close.

I didn’t catch teh CHP video Lar.
And frankly, your description doesn’t exactly make me rush to YouTube to check it out…
A-Rod looking like odd-year-Rod even thugh it’s 2010. Nice.

It’s funny. It’s probably just a cultural difference. I posted a link, but it might’ve been spam filtered out. But ya, it’s not hard to Google for it.

That was great to see – thanks Lar. Nice to see the team mob him.
And Posada with the dble. Love it. Pour it on! As of last October, the days of the Angels owning us are OVER! (i hope)

It is. The bittersweet smile he has at the beginning makes me extremely sad. Thought he’ll end his career in NY, gave it his all..

Agreed on Matsui. It’s nice to have guys that are great (and clutch) enough for fans of other teams to hate but such class acts that they are virtually impossible to hate. Matsui was definitely both with the Yankees. Mr. “I apologize for breaking my wrist while I was trying to make a diving catch” is sorely missed.

Ya, business side it probably makes sense for the future, I don’t know what I was hoping, since I would think at ~8 mil Matsui would essentially be free, with overseas and all that stuff. I guess maybe I was hoping for a Tim Wakefield-type deal.

Lucky for the padding runs, though you would imagine if the bases loaded, Mo would’ve came out (as it would be a save situation).
As it stands though, Mo has to pitch, which is kind of annoying, but just nail this down. Thanks!

Yeah rough turn of events for my boy Robertson. Infield single, bunt single, that ball that just kept floating over Winn’s head (was it me or was that very catchable?) then the HR, which was crushed, but really the only well-struck ball against him.
Still – great day for the Yanks. Very bittersweet w/r/t Matsui-san, who was my favorite member of the team for a few years there. But a great day nonetheless.

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