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Still Too Early to Care: Rays-Sox Gamer II

There's a lot of hand-wringing in Beantown, but honestly we don't give a crap.  Yet.

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15 replies on “Still Too Early to Care: Rays-Sox Gamer II”

Buchholz getting fucked over: out #3 was right at Cameron but he flat-out dropped it. Throw in a small strikezone and it’s looking ugly out there.
And sure enough, Pat Burrell hits a 1-2 pitch into right field to clear the bases. 4-0, none of them earned.

Sorry to intrude on your gamer, but just had to note somewhere that after 18 scoreless innings, the Mets went up by one only to have K-Rod blow the save – tied at 1 going to the top of the 20th. Crazy.

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