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(Temporary) Stockpile?

The Sox get two draft picks, conditionally, as Billy Wagner gets pretty good money from the Braves.  We'll see if this gooses the Sox in their pursuit of other Type A guys.

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Not just any two picks either. The Braves were exactly the kind of team the Sox hoped would sign their Type A free agents — bad enough to have a higher pick, but not so bad that their first-round pick would be protected (top 15). The Braves were to pick 20th in the draft. That’s really high for a team like the Red Sox, who last picked in the top 20 in 2003 (David Murphy at No. 17).
The closest the Sox have come since then was in the huge draft class of 2005, when they selected Jacoby Ellsbury with pick No. 23. If the Sox lose Bay and sign Holliday, they gain still another first-round pick, though I don’t really expect that to happen.

Bronson Arroyo turns into Wily Mo Pena turns into Chris Carter turns into Billy Wagner turns into two high draft picks.
So transitively, Bronson Arroyo = two high draft picks.

But the Braves don’t seem to have needs/money to spend at any of the elite free agents’ positions. It’s a safe bet they won’t be signing any of them, though of course it’s always possible.

Sox sign Scutaro for two years, with a third-year mutual option.
Scutaro is 34 next year, and the past two years (his only two years playing a full season), he has hit .275/.362/.384. In his first full season of playing SS, his UZR was 1.0, so he seems likely to be at least an average defensive shortstop.
My question is this: why the hell didn’t they just keep Lugo?

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