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Streak Reset: Yanks-Jays Gamer

Scott Richmond goes for the Jays while Joba is on the mound for the Bombers who look to start a new winning streak after last night’s disappointment. Meanwhile, intrepid rodent reporter attackgerbil is in Seattle to scout the Mariners, who face the White Sox. Nah, that’s not true; he just can’t afford to stay for the Yanks-M’s series starting Thursday. Tonight at SafeCo it is John Danks (9-8, 4.23) vs. Doug Fister, who is throwing is first major-league start. Should be thrilling. Time to hit happy hour.

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Man, why the hell did Tex get sent home?
That was a perfect couple of throws, but the catcher had the ball when Tex was halfway down the line.

Melky: “here you go Robinson Cano it is a sacrifice fly for you”
Robbie: “thank you Melky Cabrera you are my best friend”

I guess it’s basically 0-0 again. I have a feeling the Yankees will get to Richmond again, though.

Posada eeeeks it over the wall in right. Are they really going to do instant replay on this one? They say a fan interfered, but he actually didn’t.

Damon singles to right, Melky flies down the line from second and scores. 7-4! Johnny gets caught in a rundown, Keystone Kops routine ensues, ends after he slips.
Beautiful inning.

Nice to see Mo getting the better of his old nemesis… MARCO SCUTARO.
I <3 this team so much.

I took a lot of crap for my statements early on about how much I really liked this team and how confident I was in it’s make up. Sure the #5 spot is a concern and Bruney is not right, but other than that there is a lot to like!

Bruney has lost the lights-out form he had at the beginning of the season, but he’s still useful. I also wish Hughes were in the rotation, but it’s a moot point.

Ibelieve that is the 3rd straight night in which they have solo-homered back-to-back in order to go from one-run down to one-run up. And I’m not sure but I think 6 different guys have been in on those 6 HRs (need to double-check the latter). If it’s not an (admittedly weird) record, it must be close. Regardless, it is cool.

So my facts are off but only slightly. This was the 3rd straight night in which the Yanks tied or took the lead via back-to-back solo HRs and these 6 HRs were hit by 6 different players: Damon + Teixeira vs. Boston in the 8th on Sunday to go from down one to up one; Cano + Hairston in the 4th last night to go from two down to tied against Toronto; Matsui + Posada in the 8th tonight to go from one down to one up vs. Toronto.
In addition to being very cool it is also a minor reflection of how incredibly balanced this line-up is.

“In addition to being very cool it is also a minor reflection of how incredibly balanced this line-up is.”
no, it’s a reflection of the tiny dimensions of the new ys, and the little known theory that the yankees turn on a giant fan blowing out toward right field when they are up to bat…

someone had to set the record straight IH, before you went off all half-cocked about the yankee lineup actually earning the somewhat inconsistent, yet potent at times, offensive success they’ve enjoyed this season ;)

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