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Streaking: Sox-Angels Gamer IV


Frank the Tanks says join us and chat about today’s action, here.

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Ellsbury leads off with a double, and cynically NESN has sold sponsorship of DOUBLES. So when Ellsbury slides in safe, Orsillo immediate launches into “safe at second, and safe and secure with New York Life”, and a logo flashes on the screen. Somehow I hadn’t noticed this despite watching most of the games. It’s awful, and I wish it would die.

Gonzo!!!! Double into the gap (man is he slow, that was nearly an out at second) and it is 1-0.
For some reason I read Shaughnessy’s column today, and he took Gonzo to the woodshed for his start this season. It was a pathetic column, as usual.

I want to look up the stats, but something tells me that Youk has swung and miss at a much higher rate this year than in the past.

Youk works the walk. And the Sox have already run the pitch count to 20 on Palmer here in the first. Papi coming up. No DPs please. Make this guy work.

Papi single to LF! Gonzo scores and it is 2-0. Papi went the other way last night nicely, so this continues the trend. Good hitting. Didn’t do too much with it, just right.

Mike Cameron making a bid to get a hit in my viewing presence for the first time ever. I have honestly never seen Cameron get a hit, I don’t think. Hence, I think him an awful, awful hitter.

Cameron fails to get a hit, but does the job with a productive out. Ortiz out on a force at second, Youk scores, Cameron safe at first on the FC.

Lackey won’t get far with pitches like the one he just served up to Abreu – for some reason Jerry Remy said “pretty good pitch”, but it was a flat change up in the zone.
Hunter then rips one to right, but it is caught. Angels not fooled by Lackey so far. Good luck on that last one. Two down.

Good curve on 2-2, but it was outside. Lackey pulls an Ortiz, huffing, but it was so obviously outside. I don’t know why he thinks he should get that call.

And Callaspo wins the battle, Pedroia knocked it down on a long stretch but it squirted away and he couldn’t quite catch Callaspo at first. Bad luck there, though it would have been a good play.
Lackey gets the liner to end the inning. Balls hit hard there in general, so not confidence-inspiring. More runs please!

Not the wisest play by Gonzo, Bourjos is quick. GIDP by Abreu makes all well, though. Lackey makes a nice pitch to induce the grounder.

Looks like Rivera blew it in Baltimore, but the Yanks dodged a bullet and threw out the winning run at home. Now they are threatening in the tenth. So assume they will win, but it was almost a big steal by the O’s. Oh well.

Ok, just watched the play at home in the ninth for the Yanks to save the game, it wasn’t even close – ball arrived at least two full strides, if not three, ahead of the runner.

Boo, Cameron, first pitch swinging. At the least see a few pitches, this guy is one long inning away from being spent.
Cameron STILL hasn’t gotten a hit in my viewing presence, across two seasons. It’s uncanny.

Well, I do get YES (I live in NYC) but I am watching the Sox on Apple TV and I’d need to switch the TV input, so it’s a pain.

Orsillo is sitting about two feet higher than Remy in the booth. I am unsure how Remy can see the game. Either that or Orsillo is on a very high barstool. It’s weird.
And Lackey strikes out Trumbo. Nice inning. Still good from the big, grumpy lug!

Jeter was doubled up on a CRAZY play. Jones aired one from mid-center and Jeter had the throw beat (it was a really good throw, though), and Wieters blocked the plate perfectly and DJ never touched home. Great play by the Orioles.

Sub-1 ERA for starters over 9 games. Silly.
10-11, 1 under .500. Pretty amazing given they were 2-10 9 games ago. Just keep climbing the hill.

Not to underestimate the Orioles, but with them and the Mariners coming next there’s a decent chance to get above .500 before the end of April. Seemed impossible just ten days ago.

This is a remarkable run. I mean, I know I was down on the Sox (it should be said that I was not down on the team’s skills, but rather down on the big hole they dug for themselves), but they have come back faster than I ever could have expected. Faster than almost anyone might have expected, I might say.
Now we need the Yankees to start sucking.

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