Streaks: Halos-Sox Gamer III

C.J. Wilson hasn’t won in his last 10 starts, and has lost five in that stretch. Franklin Morales has lost his last two outings and takes the mound as Boston hosts the Angels for the final game of this series. Comment away.

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  • Figured I’d come here to see what people had to say about the Red Sox/Dodgers deal. Big move by Cherrington and the Sox or just a salary dump by a 4th place team? I think it signals a change in the philosophy of the team to start developing players instead of going after high priced FAs. Ruby De La Rosa and Allen Webster look like pretty strong pitching prospects, De La Rosa projects to be a #3 starter next year and Webster was the #2 prospect in the Dodgers organization. The fact that Cherrington got the Dodgers to take on all but $12M of what is owed to the 4 Sox players in the trade is amazing. That’s what was basically owed to them for the rest of this season. They have $39M in guaranteed salaries next season ($39M?!?!?), when was the last time they had that??? Lackey is their highest paid player for 2013 and, if they don’t re-sign Ortiz, it will be either Pedroia or Ellsbury (depending on if he gets a raise in his final arbitration year). Amazing.

    BillsBurgSF August 25, 2012, 10:16 am
  • I think that trade is incredible.

    The fact that the Sox completely hit the reset button is just…rowdy.

    krueg August 25, 2012, 11:26 am
  • Obviously the Sox had to give up Adrian Gonzalez to get rid of the Beckett and Crawford contracts, I don’t mind seeing those two go, but would have liked to keep Adrian.

    Notice how the moment the deal seems to be done NIck Cafardo starts badmouthing Gonzalez. Cafardo started the media campaign to sign BV, he’s gotta be on Lucchino’s payroll. Why the Boston Globe keeps such a horrible writer around I find completely mystifying.

    Hopefully the guys we’re getting from the Dodgers will bring something, then this will be remembered as a good day for the Red Sox.

    And don’t forget: next year John Lackey will lead the rotation to greater glory … or, on second thought, maybe not.

    pale blue eyes August 25, 2012, 1:14 pm
  • Finally got a post up. Sorry, I am away from the keyboard.

    attackgerbil August 25, 2012, 2:56 pm

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