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Sunday in the Park: Rangers-Sox Gamer

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I am enjoying MIchael Kay semi-complain about Matt Garza’s stretch position, that it might be a balk. Of course, Andy Pettitte has the best move ever (which also happens to be a balk every time). Ah, the double standards. We love them.

I’d put up a gamer, but Nick did it for us and the Sox went on an 11-0 streak, and as unsuperstitious as I am I can’t bring myself. Feel free to use this one to document the inappropriate fist pumps.

Vizquel reportedly would not mind going to Boston if they traded for him. Maybe he thinks today is an audition.

The Sox ought to be able to get a few off of Padilla, who is atrocious. That being said, the way Dice is pitching they are going to have to score double or triple that. Not boding well for our boys today at this point.

Honestly, the guy on the mound is putrid, so why do you let him get outs without throwing a pitch, basically? That’s two free ones. Heads out of asses, please.

Back to listening on the iPhone, but watching on TBS, even though the radio broadcast is a full pitch behind. I’ve had enough of the TBS announcers saying Michael Young is one of the “great players in baseball”.

Cruz crushes a flat fastball to the wall. Six hits in 2.1. Get a long man up, Tito, before this gets out of control. Dice has nothing.

Jesus, Ellsbury misjudges a fly ball, it ends up over his head, and now the game is out of control. The ball was crushed, but Ellsbury didn’t do Dice any favors.
Bad pitching, bad defense, a lost Sunday. Beat it, Dice. Maybe another DL stint would be good, bring Buchholz up, move Penny and slot in Smoltz.

another liner, and Green stabs it, throws to first. Another hard hit ball. Seriously, there is still time to come back with Padilla pitching, but this should be it for Matsuzaka.

Castiglione saying that you can’t doubt Dice-K’s arm strength based on the gun readings, but that seems dubious, the gun could be reading fast. Dice is hitting 93 on the gun, but if that’s really 90/91 then there’s a BIG problem with his strength.

And now a mile-deep foul ball to the right of the Pesky pole. What more does Tito have to see? This is ridiculous. Get him out while there are still 21 outs left to score a few. Come on, Tito.

SF, Gameday’s gun is usually very accurate. They have him around 91-93, which is a tick below normal for him, but nothing too terrible.

Is Gameday just using the Fenway gun, though?
More to the point, Castiglione is reading off the Fenway gun, and he ought to be a bit more skeptical, I’d think.

Man, that was a squeeze-job. The ump, like the rest of the world, probably hates Padilla.

Ellsbury grounds to second, and it’s through the wickets! Under Kinsler’s glove. Two runs in. Ellsbury legs to second!

Don’t worry about putting us on a streak SF…we are terrible. Can’t beat you guys or the Rays. 3rd best team in the AL East.

Wow, wish I could see this game. Runner thrown out at the plate for the third out on the double by Kinsler off Masterson, Bay to Green to Tek.

Cruz homers off Okajima with 2 out, none on. First run Oki’s given up in about 18 innings or something.

Darren O’Day’s Gameday picture reminds me of this brown-nosing mofo at my old job. More than usual, I hope the Sox pound this guy.

No. Why should I? Vicente Padilla? Seriously?
I don’t think anyone should worry about the Rangers, really. Even the Sox, about whom I have my own worries.

A day without Red Sox baseball is a day I don’t want to be a part of. And on a work-filled Monday no less. What do I have to look forward to?!?!

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