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Sunday Night Baseball: Yanks-Sox .. Gamer?

Forty-six runs in two games makes for more comedy than contest, though last nights’ plot reminded this Yankee fan more of “The Devil’s Rejects” than the clown college script of Friday. Using all two volts of my brain, I project we won’t (and certainly don’t want to) see a fajillion runs scored tonight by the Yanks or the Sox as C.C. Sabathia and Josh Beckett throw for their respective clubs. However, I’m adding the humor tag to this thread just to be on the safe side. Wokka wokka.

Comment away on your Sunday Night Baseball action.

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Smoltz: 5 scoreless innings, 3 hits, no walks, 9 strikeouts. The difference in league quality is astounding.

Heh, I came in here to post that Andrew. I’ve always been a Smoltz fan, but I’m going to be pissed if he goes on a tear for the next month.

Not sure how many more times I can kill myself but we’ll find out tonight…I have ZERO confidence that we are going to win this game. CC has been pitching great, Beckett not so much…of course there will be a role reversal this evening. Mark it down.

Let’s go back to yesterday for a moment:
Earlier in the year (right around the US Open) Mike Francesa had Girardi on WFAN and openly asked him if Posada and Burnett got along, that he had heard from a little birdie that they don’t talk, can’t stand each other. Girardi evaded an answer, but eventually came out and said there wasn’t a problem. But that took about five minutes of prying from Francesa, to get out a commitment from Girardi that there isn’t an issue between the two of them. Seems hard to believe at this point.

Hip Hip always impressed me as a dick kind of…maybe it’s just me? Maybe he feels his “matrix of leadership” being passed to some of the new Yankees and he doesn’t like it…you know, the fun stuff. Pies, Music, laughter, having fun, etc.?
Optimus Prime would never act that way.

Re: Burnett/Posada
Not sure why this is such an issue that needs to be returned to here. Posada and Burnett may have some issues but have managed to just fine since that interview that SF referenced above. Most of the beat writers who cover the yankees agree with this and dont feel its much of an issue beyond the tabloids.

Well Sam, it was obviously an issue last night so it’s certainly worth talking about today.
Krueg, I’m surprised you think that way of Posada… I feel like Posada is far more likable than Burnett.

I’ve never been a huge Hip Hip fan Ath…he is definitely my least favorite holdover from the good old days.
I’ve resorted to breaking out the lucky Jeter jersey for tonight’s game…we’ll see.

I guess so Ath but there really isnt much more to say about it. However I guess that its just as relevant to talk about Papelbon’s comments about Wagner. Always classy that Jonathan….

It’s funny how it is dark up there but still fully daylight down here…trips me out.

Joe Morgan: “The Yankees have lost in the first round of the playoffs the last two times…”
Didn’t they lose in the first round in 2005 too? Jesus, they’re bad before the game even starts!

BBTN reported last night that AJ’s recoprd throwing to Molina is much better than his record when throwing to Posada. I don’t remember the stat.
With Posada: .260/.347/.404 opposing batting
With Molina: .211/.305/.344
Definitely a difference there

Wow, Jeter lead-off homer. Fucking hell.
And ESPN fucked up and has the voice of some bitch talking about the weather

Paps and MDC both shit on the idea of Wagner coming to the Sox. Some
of the comments were impolitic considering the guy might be a teammate. Sheer stupidity.

What’s the sample size on that, Ath? I’m inclined to think this is much ado about nothing. I mean, I don’t doubt that they’re both egotistical knuckleheads – they are pro athletes, after all – but I’d be surprised if it affected performance in a serious way. The problem doesn’t seem to have manifested itself anywhere other than Fenway, so far as I’m aware.

ESPN needs to get their sh-t together…although, not having to listen to Joe is just fine with me.

Also, Papelbon semi-walked back his Wagner comments today, making sure to call him a “great pitcher”:
I agree with SF, though, that they never should have said anything at all. Just stupid.

I think Burnett’s ERA away from Fenway is something like 3.28. Good thing he won’t have to start there again this year!

Correction, they do show the games: 15 for Posada, 4 for Molina.
Great play by Youk there.

Might be the only run we get…come on CC. Be what you are supposed to be.

I think Burnett’s ERA away from Fenway is something like 3.28. Good thing he won’t have to start there again this year!
Aside from a possible ALCS matchup?

Ah, here’s the statistic I saw quoted on this: “Prior to Saturday’s game, Burnett was 8-3 with a 2.84 ERA in his last 11 starts. Posada caught 10 of those games.”
Performance-wise, the problem for Burnett this year is Fenway, not Posada.

ESPN analyst: “Jeter has never been a full-time lead-off man until this year”
Wasn’t Jeter the lead-off man before they acquired Damon?
CANO ERRORS! ELLSBURY ON! Get that record, baby!

Well, since Game 2 will be at Yankee Stadium…
Or the ALDS could take 5 games, and Burnett would have to start Game 1 and Game 5 of the ALCS.

Cano really infuriates me…how can you, in a game as big as this, lose your concentration and make an error on a pretty routine ground ball? Unreal. He could be such a great player but he is lazy.

Or the ALDS could take 5 games, and Burnett would have to start Game 1 and Game 5 of the ALCS.
That’s assuming the Red Sox make it to game 5!

That’s assuming the Red Sox make it to game 5!
And that the Yankees win in the first round!

Great play Captain Clutch…does that count as a 1-2-3 inning? Nice work CC.

kids at home, please disregard that jump and throw you just saw. please learn to plant and throw and play the game correctly.
-jim rice

I love it. Could Jeter do anything more to annoy the hell out of sfs everywhere than hitting a leadoff HR off Beckett and then end the first with the patented-and-very-necessary jump-throw?

“very necessary”
meet victor martinez. jeter could have relayed the ball to cc and still gotten him. swear to god. go back and look.

John Miller totally calls Steve Phillips out: “Do you have numbers to back up what you’re saying?”

Well, it would be nice to actually get some hits mixed in with the HR’s…

did damon just run into a wall for no reason? i miss that part of his game on a day to day basis.

Sfrod, my comment on the jeter throw was facetious. I don’t think it is always necessary and this particular play is one where it wasn’t (in my view). But I am more amused at how much some fans of opposing teams (esp some SFs) go nuts over it. To me, it’s like his swing – it’s the way he makes that play, it works for him, and it may not be the way other SSs would do it. Sometimes it allows him to make plays in that hole that he (and others) couldn’t. But in the end, I don’t care about it other than as a point of annoyance for opposing fans.
And cc coughs both back up. Maybe this will be a 15-14 game after all.

Melky saves another run…CC crumbling under the pressure of a big game. Bodes very well for post-season play.

I’m able to see Fenway and its center field video board from my room, so I get spoiled on what’s about to happen.

Don’t know about Damon’s running into walls unnecessarily, but I sure like how he annoyingly fouls pitches off with emergency swings until he can dink a single into left.

Tell me he isn’t going to walk to give ARod a bases loaded opportunity…

Imagine is Quayle and Palin had a kid??? Not even a IQ score low enough…

Yeah, I just want some consistency. There were a few pitches Sabathia didn’t get, as well as some that were gifts. If you’re going to have a big strikezone, that’s cool. But don’t have it shrink and expand throughout the game.
Grounder to AGonz, 4-2 Yanks.

Wouldn’t a uniform, universal strikezone be sweet Ath…not humanly possible but still…

Stupid ball wouldn’t get down…f-ck.
OK CC…how about you NOT blow another 2 run lead please?

Nice play there to rob Matsui of another RBI. Let’s try to hold a 2-run lead this time cc.

Steve Phillips: “The Sox were part of the moneyball philosophy for years, where the stolen base didn’t matter…”

SFs, what’s the deal with Baldelli? I thought I remembered him being diagnosed in Tampa with a neurological condition that reduced his motor functions, made him fatigued, etc. Is he still dealing with that? Am I mis-remembering (to quote a certain former sox/yanks pitcher)?

You remember correctly, IH. It was more treatable than they initially thought, but I believe it’s still a factor for him.

IH, it was some mitochondrial disorder where his muscles wouldn’t replenish their glycogen stores adequately, which like you said would make him fatigued easily. Supposedly it was misdiagnosed a few times too, but he’s still dealing with the fatigue issue. Which is why he’s a good 4th outfielder.

I’m not trying to rag on ARod, but that looked like a half-ass effort to fall on that ball.

A-rod did his best slowly-falling-redwood-tree impersonation there. Feels like he could and shoulda made that.

There’s your answere kgg: Derek Jeter (and only Derek Jeter) can field a groundball.

Hi everybody!
Wow, this is the first time I’ve had any kind of real Internet access (for more than 5 minutes). Haven’t watched a game in over two weeks. What’s the feeling here? Who’s going to win this game?

Hi everybody!
Am I the only one who pictured the doctor from The Simpsons when Nick said this?
Goddamnit, Cano homers. That felt like it would be a deep fly ball.

Sox are going to be 7.5 games back and it seems like the Yankees probably won’t even lose 8 games the rest of the way.

That was an exceptional AB for Cano – and he has been swinging like crazy lately. These two offenses are such a pain in the butt for opposing pitchers. Lots of strung-out ABs on both sides.
Also, it’s a good thing the Yanks are benefiting from that air-stream out to RF in Fenway to get all these HRs ;o)

The only thing thats bothering me more than the score right now is the INCESSANT Droning of these ESPN announcers . NOBODY CARES WHERE YOUR ALMA MATER IS!!!!!!!!

Is a 1-2-3 inning too much to ask?
Well, that was a 1-fuck-2-3 inning. That’s close, right?

I’ll settle for 1-2-3-4-5 inning if it doesn’t result in a run. Yanks have scored in every effin’ frame so far.

Sorry, I’m trying to be cool tonight but F-CK!!!!

Robinson Cano is so lazy. He homered so he wouldn’t have to run hard around the bases.

I’m happy to see YF’s hating on Cano, because he’s one Yankee that I really don’t like. He’s been a cocky, lazy kid since day 1 in the majors.

I don’t hate him…he’s awesome most of the time Ath, just needs some sort of kick in the ass. Bench him like last year…that seemed to do the trick.

Steve Phillips: “4 of the 5 strikeouts have been looking, where they’ve chased… err…”
This is just sad.

Atheose, indeed, I was making a Dr. Nick reference! The Simpsons was great at its peak. It’s gone on too long. Sort of like Brett Favre.
Meanwhile, some analysis from far away in Jakarta: This game is going to be a nail-biter b/c Sabathia doesn’t have it tonight and the Sox offense is back. But I do wonder about Beckett for the rest of the season. This is the second bad start in a row for him. Read on BTF that in his last start his fast ball was down in the low nineties and that his arm slot was all off. Not sure if this is the case today, but he could be breaking down a bit for the stretch run. Any thoughts?

Woahhhh, how was that a foul ball?
HAHAHA Damon’s lips: “That was a fair ball!” Holy crap, stupid ass fan reached out and grabbed it.

IH, they did the same damn thing for the Lowell homer. These ESPN cameramen suck.
Nick, I hadn’t realized that about Beckett. I need to go read that analysis. What are you doing in Indonesia?

Good to see you Nick – hope all is well on the other side of the earth. CC looks OK. Not terrible, not dominant. The Sox are working him real well. Good thing he throws 135 pitches in his sleep.

LMAO! Cano calls off Teixeira, and then totally fucks it up. This really is a “bench Cano!” night, isn’t it?

sorry. so pissed.

I want to admonish you for your comment Ath…but I love you bro and I would just be taking out my anger on you.

“I’m happy to see YF’s hating on Cano, because he’s one Yankee that I really don’t like. He’s been a cocky, lazy kid since day 1 in the majors.”
– what the fuck is this shit?

Probably going to teach English at first. Then hopefully get a classroom job at an elementary school. Mandy and I just were in Bali and Jogja for two weeks. Pretty spectacular places.

It also seemed to me that if he set his feet and fired home he might still have nailed Bay. Whatever. I can’t relive that play anymore or my head will explode. I love the Joba commercial – with fistpumps and all. Could ESPN do any more to aggravate the Sox fanbase?

– what the fuck is this shit?
What do you mean? I was reacting to your comment specifically. You’re allowed to say something about him, but then I’m not allowed to agree with you?

I’m too comfortable to run Damon’s numbers now but it seems to me that ever since he came to NY he has payed great vs. the Sox. Couple more hits tonight.

No K…piece and then hit the dirt???? WTF??? THAT IS A BS F-CKING CALL!!!!!

Pitch practically right down the middle called a ball, just like a call to Sabathia earlier. Ugh.
This game is official after the Sox bat, right?

“What do you mean? I was reacting to your comment specifically. You’re allowed to say something about him, but then I’m not allowed to agree with you?”
Your sarcasm meter is broke, dude

Your sarcasm meter is broke, dude
I blame the internets. Tough to tell on here.
Fucking hell, ARod homers. 7-3.

“You are riding us a little harder than usual bro…”
that’s what she said amirite guys

You are riding us a little harder than usual bro…
What was the first comment, the one where I said that Cano “called Teix off and then totally fucked it up?” How is that riding YF’s?

IBM, last start sucked but the game before that he only gave up 2ER over 7IP. 3 hits and a walk.

Also IBM: two bad starts in a row when it’s a healthy Beckett definitely seems like an eternity.

Look, we know Cano is not a smart baseball player. But to call him “lazy since Day 1” is first, just plain wrong, and second, giving in to lazy cultural stereotypes. So let’s just stop with that nonsense right now.

“What was the first comment, the one where I said that Cano “called Teix off and then totally fucked it up?” How is that riding YF’s?”
You’re just lobbing innuendo softballs now, Ath. It’s not even worth the effort to turn that into something inappropriately sexual.

Great play by Victor Martinez, but Beckett has been getting smoked since inning 1. It looks like he’s trying to work in a 2-seamer, as some of his fastballs have registered 88 on the gun.

His fielding DOES look lazy. I thought I was just agreeing with the YF’s on here, who rag on Cano all the time for it.
And the part about cultural stereotypes was not what I said nor what I intended, so how about you don’t put words in my mouth and assume things like that?
I wasn’t trying to piss off YF’s, I was trying to agree with you guys. Because whenever I poke my head into the Yankees gamers he gets a lot of flak from the YF’s, like he has here tonight. You guys are awfully testy for a group whose team is winning right now.

ESPN showing Cano lazily making a good play. What a lazy bastard. Any other player would have run to first himself.

So far, my intuition that the Sox lost their chance at this game with Youk’s GIDP in the 3rd seems surefire.
Have the Sox had any come-from-behind wins since the All-Star break? I count maybe 7/30 and 7/31 and that’s it. This team just seems incapable of making up a deficit.

Andrew, I was agreeing with what I hear YF’s say all the time. But I’ve never seen you say anything to them, but jump on me the first time I ever comment on him.

IBM, you’ll find that Latin and AA players are routinely described as ‘lazy’, while I haven’t heard of a white guy ever described as such. It’s lazy cultural stereotypes. A much better term for Cano would be ‘absent-minded’, because he certainly isn’t lazy. To call him lazy is just stupid.

I think it’s the whole “I can make fun of my guy but you can’t thing”…I cannot recall a single time I have ridiculed a Sox player on here. (other than schilling last year I think) It comes off a little weird Ath, that’s all…

IBM, no, because there a lot of baseball players, black, white, whatever, who aren’t smart. And it’s only in terms of baseball. Joba and AJ are a good example of baseball players who I don’t view as smart. But ‘lazy’ is routinely reserved for Latin players.

Andrew, that’s a laughable statement. Drew gets called lazy all the time, moreso than any other player on our two teams.
And regardless of what I said, YF’s call him lazy all the time. So it’s not like I’m a biased SF saying it just because I don’t want to like a Yankee player.

For the record, others do but you normally don’t Ath…that’s all I’m saying. Except in the Sox gamers!!! ;) Yeah, that’s right bro, I check in on you from time to time!!!

Blarrghgargmargh Cano doesn’t like to dive and get his uniform dirty! He’s so cocky, he doesn’t even turn his body to throw because his arm is strong enough! Not like a certain scrappy guy from California who plays the same position who’s the ultimate underdog even though he’s been a highly rated prospect ever since he came out of college. What a lazy Dominican!
/ends ESPN-propagated racialist narrative
/shits pants

No, Drew isn’t called lazy, he’s called unemotional.
I’m not calling you biased, I’m calling you wrong. If Cano were lazy, he’d be out of major league baseball.

Another lucky single that Damon almost made a great play on. Great job by Youk to get to 3rd.
No problem Krueg. I just wasn’t trying to be a dick, and was just agreeing with what you’ve been saying for a while ;-) I’m trying to find the common things between us!

But hasn’t that been the knock on Cano, that he’s sometimes a bit lazy? Mind you, I’m merely repeating what the critics say. I understand and agree that we should be above racism and stereotypes, and I certainly expect to get called on it if I say something that’s along those lines. But aren’t we jumping up a bit too quickly in protest by accusing someone of a racist comment when he’s merely repeating what has been historically said about someone specific, with evidence to boot?

Bah, should have been the third out. Poor CC, he’s been pitching his heart out and he won’t make it past the 6th inning.

No, Andrew’s right about that. Latin players get the lazy moniker all the time.
Same thing with Manny’s hitting ability. His legendary effort and “hard-workingness” are boiled down to him being a “savant”.

As the impartial party I am (wink, wink), I’m not sure I saw anything racist implied in Ath’s statements…

No, Drew isn’t called lazy, he’s called unemotional.
Now you just don’t know what you’re talking about. Most people call him both emotional AND lazy. Specifically it started in 2003 when La Russa told a reporter that “Drew has decided to “settle for 75%” of his talent, in large part because of his enormous contract.”

I agree with what IBM says. I was just repeating what I hear on here all the time (that Cano is lazy), which has been said of him since he first came up to the show.

“his legendary effort and “hard-workingness””
With regard to batting and the practice thereof, mind you. ;)

Devine, I have called Manny a savant, and I’ve also said he works his ass off.

Context, here. I live in the Chicago area, the home of Jesse Jackson. Jesse is usually the first one to wield the “racism” club. And we always hear about it. Always. He’s not always wrong but he’s become the boy who cried wolf.
On the other hand, the racism directed at Obama has been pretty obvious since the health care thing got started.

That’s the thing IBM, just because the media says it doesn’t mean it’s true, or that they’re using the correct word. Cano is many things, some of them negative, but lazy certainly isn’t one of them. Like I said, absent-minded is a much better term to use. And yes, it’s frustrating, and yes, it can cause some embarrassing games, but Cano is as hard-working a player as any. He’s talented no doubt, but he’s not Ted Williams. If he were lazy, he certainly wouldn’t be a .305 career hitter.
It might just be me, but calling a major league baseball player lazy is one of the worst insults you can throw at them.

It’s easy to tell that everyone regards a game – and division – as settled when the comments get on a tangent like this. Funny.

IBM: Avenue Q is amazing.
Andrew, I was just repeating what YF’s say all the time. You jump on me and quickly call me a racist, but you never say anything when YF’s say the same thing.
And again, I was talking SPECIFICALLY about his defense, which does look “lazy”.

Big misunderstanding boys…let’s all move on. No racial-stuff intended. We are squirrels here, just trying to get a nut…
Beckett locked in now. COME ON CC!!!

Ath, I didn’t mean to call you a racist, I was responding to the general racial unfairness in calling Latin players lazy.
And re: his defense, he’s usually excellent, with random bouts of absentmindedness. Certainly, certainly not lazy. If he were lazy, he’d be dogshit day in and day out.

I’d send him out to face Gonzalez and Ellsbury but have Hughes ready to relieve him. He’s at 107.

I certainly remember, as a kid, hearing the good black players described as “gifted” and the good white players described as “hard-working.” The best example of that was Magic vs. Bird. I always thought it was because Magic looked so effortless and Bird look like he would break a sweat taking off his warm-ups. So it sort of made sense.
Then you think about it, and it implies that Magic is so good he doesn’t need to work hard. And then, yeah, that gets offensive.
Here’s another one: I used to work with a Mexican woman (born in the US, but her parents emigrated.) I asked her what Mexican stereotype she hated most, and she said the one that Mexicans work hard and will do any job.
I never understood why anyone would be upset out a stereotype that they work hard, but then again, I’ve never heard any stereotypes about Norwegians, so I guess I don’t know what it’s like.

There’s two Polish guys, one is holding a bag. The other one asks, “what’s in the bag?” “Chickens,” he replies. The other man asks, “If I can guess how many chickens you have in that bag, will you give me one?” The man with the bag says “Hell, if you can guess how many chickens I have in here, I’ll give you both.”
The other man guesses, “Eight”.

Norwegians have hot, blonde women. Come on IBM!
As for me, the Irish/German stereotypes: we drink, we drink some more, we like to fight and we hate Jews.

God, Joe Morgan is awful. I’m sure his family would be very sad if he were, say, killed in a car accident this evening or had his tongue cut out by a rabid baseball fan, but the ESPN telecasts would totally improve.

“I never understood why anyone would be upset out a stereotype that they work hard, but then again, I’ve never heard any stereotypes about Norwegians, so I guess I don’t know what it’s like.”
The problem with positive stereotypes is that they’re still stereotypes. They’re also dehumanizing.

No argument here on Norwegian women…my buddy did a semester in Sweden, said they were easy too! GREAT combo…don’t tell my wife!!! ;)

What kind of stereotype can we lob on Jeter for that jump-throw thingy he does?

He likes jumping because he wants to be a pretty pretty ballerina?

Well I’ve been distracted by other things the last 40 minutes or so, so easing back into things:
1. Glad to see WWIII over Cano averted.
2. Beckett and CC just showed all those other pitchers out there how to buzz a guy (letter high f-balls knocking both Jeter and Pedroia off the plate).
3. CC, if the Yanks hold on for the win tonight, steps past Beckett in the AL Cy Young competition.
4. Norwegians don’t smell like Halibut. They smell like herring.
5. The Mets-Phillies game began with an inside-the-park-HR and ended with an unassisted DP. Now that HAS to be a first.
6. Go Yanks.

There have been a lot of bad called 3rd strikes tonight…that one was the worst.

Kind of a BS inside-the-parker, though. It’s in the books, but it getting caught under the wall and laid off by Victorino makes it a lot less fun.
Huge series for Matsui.

Well, I can think of some situations in which assistance with TP would be uncomfortable.
(sorry, sorry, couldn’t resist)

Tx for the correction there Ath – yeah, a changeup is less dramatic. Not to mention less effective.

from RAB: “Matsui gets such good bat speed because his wrists are so strong. Does he have some sort of wrist training program?”
Yes. Yes, he does.

No matter the lead in the 9th, Mo should pitch. Off-day tomorrow, and hasn’t pitched in a while.

So they break the record for total runs in a 3-game NYY-Bos series. Ho-hum. Is it just me or does it seem like every time these teams lock up in recent years they break some series record or another (length of game, number of scoreless innings, most HRs in a row, etc, etc, etc.).
Leadoff man on for phil. Come on kid…

Thought that was gone for sure…every fly ball is an adventure tonight. Good job Melky.

What kind of a freaking adventure was that for Melky?!? Sure glad he made that…could have been (another) nasty pop-up hit/error.

Blooper for Lowell, but Swish makes a good play. Ugh.
Baldelli/Varitek/AGonz for the 9th. Ortiz better be a PH.

Yeah dougie fresh, I love japanese women too…
Nice play by Swish there…great job by Hughes.

Doug, don’t we all have a good wrist training program?
Erin Andrews did a report on that last week. Or maybe I just turned it into that…

Ugh…Eli Manning. If you say anything bad about him around here, people want to fight. Seriously. Ole Miss fans? Let’s just say they didn’t vote for Obama.

I would love to go see a game in Fenway but I don’t think I would. My wife and I were just talking about it. The bars on Yawkey look cool but I wouldn’t want to put up with all the BS…

I went to a couple at old Yankee Stadium, krueg. I’ve had both good experiences and bad ones with the Yankee fans there.

When you get a chance, Ath, I’d really recommend watching that whole video, if you haven’t already. It’s hysterical.

Thanks stuck, I’ll do that after the game. Glad you said something, because I watched the first 15 seconds and closed it.

Why the heck would you use Kotchman over Ortiz, especially how well Ortiz has been swinging the bat lately?

So Ath, how was Ingl Bast’s? I think I asked in a previous thread but you might not have seen it. Thumbs up or down?

That was an impressive game. Great job by all, except Cano.
If we can actually win the series in LA next month, I may start to have some confidence.
Have a great night all, off to watch True Blood and Entourage!!!

IH, it was fantastic. Easily QT’s second best movie (behind Pulp Fiction), and fun the entire time. Great dialogue, good action, and hilarious. Definitely go see it.
Also, there’s a Fenway/Ted Williams reference in the movie that’s hilarious.

I bet the Yankees sweep the Rockies or the Cardinals in the World Series for some bizarro symmetry. Book it.

p.s. The lucky Jeter jersey worked again. I think we have about an .850 winning percentage with it. Back in the closet until the next big game!!!

“Back in the closet until the next big game!!!”
I thought you didn’t want to invite the comparison!

Thanks Ath – the reviews have been pretty uniformly strong. Will definitely check it out. Good cordial stuff here yfs + sfs…I never discount the Sox ability to come back any more, but I am now – barring injury – feeling great about the Yanks’ and the division title. Time to turn to LA…we need to better their record for potential Oct play.

Is Jon Miller singing the greatest triumph or greatest shark-jump? Couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I *loved* it, though I have no idea what the f*ck he was on about.

I don’t know if I agree with everything Atheose said about Robinson Cano in the thread, but I know I have said everything Atheose said about Robinson Cano. Except I wasn’t as kind.

> the knock on Cano, that he’s sometimes a bit lazy?
Yeah, because he signed a healthy contract coming into 2008 and then saw his fielding and batting fall off the table into the nether regions. He got benched last year (September?) for standing around when a ball caromed off Giambi’s glove and Nady had to scramble from RF to cover. Cano commented about how he was embarrassed by the situation and that it’s not like he’s lazy, that “99% of the time, I play hard.”
The problem is the other 50% of the time seemed to be when everybody was watching. But he has been much better this year.

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