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Surprise Start = Win? Sox-Tribe Gamer III

It's only 11 a.m. here in the middle of the country, but there's a game about to start, so comment away!

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Promising start!
Don and Jerry rambling about how bad Carmona’s control is, meanwhile he has little problem setting down the Sox.
Sure is nice being able to watch baseball while riding Metro North!

Youk looks really lost. He worked the count full, so that is something, but he doesn’t seem to have made any contact at all. He just isn’t swinging aggressively or recognizing pitches. Very weak again.

Bah. I like to see Ortiz going the opposite way, but the balls either aren’t carrying or he’s not getting any power behind them this series. Maybe a little of both.

I wouldn’t say Youk got unlucky, he made crappy contact. I’d say that Carmon didn’t get unlucky. Deserved out.
Ortiz out. So much for the threat.

Nice try by Pedroia to try to get the DP, but there wasn’t much hope of that rundown being successful. I thought for a second Youk had caught the ball on the fly.

Ellsbury was plainly safe. The bad call by the ump made it 1st and 3rd with two outs instead of bases loaded with one. And the Sox came away with no runs.

Ump does correctly call Ball 3 a ball, but it was much closer to the zone than the strike 3 call to Ortiz. More evidence for the contention that umps expand the zone to the outside against lefty hitters.
Salty throws out the baserunner, so that all works out.

Man, the Indians infield defense is putting on a show today. No breaks going the Sox’ way, as Drew and Ellsbury both get robbed of hits, and Scutaro nearly does.

Ump’s strike zone is very different against lefties than against righties. Two balls from Lester to LaPorta closer to the plate than strikes called against Ortiz and Saltalamacchia.

Maybe his last inning though. He’s in the nineties, I believe. Maybe they give him another, but yank him if he doesn’t get through it quick.

Whew. Lester gets out of it, with a big assist to Salty, who made a great diving grab on a popped bunt attempt that went behind him and fell fast.

No chance Tek is even close.
What are they odds they come back out with him? He’s at 108 right now. I wonder if terry gives him another 10.

Good defensive game for Saltlalamacchia, with the caught stealing to his credit, as well. With Lester being dominant, that helps put the whispers about pitch selection and game calling to rest for a little while, too.

Is that the crappiest way to end a ballgame ever? I think so.
On top of the ridiculous baserunning mistake by McDonald, the ump may have gotten that call wrong, too. But really the ump shouldn’t have to make a call like that.

Just saw the video of the go-ahead squeeze play, wow. The Sox are just finding brand-new ways to lose.
But trust me guys, the Yankees are throwing Nova and Hughes against Lackey and Buchholz in Fenway…The Sox will win at least one of those games. A pretty horrible way to start the season, but players tend to play to the back of their baseball cards, and the Sox have a pretty nice collection of cards on their team.
I’m more likely to win the lottery than the Sox offense keeps performing like this.
I’ll let you guys know when I win the lottery.

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