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Sweep Dreams: Jays-Yanks Gamer

Andy Pettitte goes for the red hot Yanks. The rookie sensation Ricky Romero stands in their way. Comment on all the action here.

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BS call on Jeter at 3rd…CLEARLY safe on the steal. Ball beat him there but the dude never tagged him. I hate those calls. You have to apply the f-cking tag to covert the out…
garbage. Should be 3rd with no outs. Would have been an RBI for Swish and a 1-0 game. F-CK YOU UMP!!!

Man, the Yankees have been weird this year – mediocre, best team in baseball, mediocre, best team in baseball. Hopefully Toronto can hold on here and send the Yanks back to another period of ‘mediocre.’ :P

Bottom of the order getting something started, maybe. Would be more intense if they weren’t down 6 runs..

Teixiera might get to come up yet again in a spot that could’ve been big if he came through once or twice..
But right now, it’s Swisher with the bases loaded, with one out.

Swisher plates two, but it’s still 7-3.. here’s Teixeira with a chance to do some damage..

And he strikes out on 3 pitches. Wow, maybe it’s time Joe G give him a break..

Cano doubling with no one on base. If only there were people on base.. but of course he wouldn’t have hit the double otherwise..

Derek Jeter with the bases loaded, 2 outs. Potentially big play coming up here..

Swisher got a good pitch to hit, but does nothing with it, and the Yanks are out of the inning, still down 7-4.

At the game today – shamelessly extending to a 4-day weekend…many many missed opportunities and close calls on the basepads and in the field, all of which (other than Swisher’s slide at 2nd) have gone the other way. Has the feel of a game they could easily have tied or led by now…but giving up 7 is never good. Need to hope for a massive 9th now…

If the Yanks wants to come back, they’ll have to do it with two outs. Posada did just single though.

Don’t really get it. Matsui hits lefties better than righties, and Romero is much weaker against lefties than righties…what happened to the match-ups?

Shame when what should have been a beautiful comeback and fourth consecutive win gets puked all over by poor umpiring. Seems like this has happened quite a few times this year in 1-run games.

Hey, at least this cancels out the Luis Castillo game in the “really should have/should not have won” category.
So, no complaining about that one when talking about the Yankees’ record.

Is it just me, or has umpiring across the board been dreadful all year long? I’m thinking particularly of home plate umpiring, but since it was brought up…

It’s probably always been dreadful, just that now everybody has a TV, there are quite a few more cameras (for different angles) and everything’s on HD.
That said, some replay system would be good.
Also, I wonder how hard (or costly) it is to tag a ball with something so it can be traced – so these HR replays can be almost instant using a computer. I imagine it can still be wrong once in awhile, but should be better than human error..

Personally I think the state of MLB umpiring is dreadful, Paul. Close to NBA bad, in my opinion.
Andrew Said: “Hey, at least this cancels out the Luis Castillo game in the ‘really should have/should not have won’ category.”
Yeah, but at least that was decided by the play of the teams on the field (the Yanks benefiting from a particularly bad play by their opponents), not crap umpiring.
And it still doesn’t make up for the Nationals game they hosed us in.

Here’s Shysterball’s take on the Jeter called out at third situation (
“Joe Girardi was ejected and Derek Jeter had to be restrained after Jetes was called out on a steal attempt at third despite the fact that he clearly reached around Scott Rolen’s tag and grabbed the bag. Jeter: “I was told by the umpire that I didn’t have to be tagged to be out.” Crew Chief John Hirschbeck: “It would make his actions seem appropriate if that’s what he was told. It used to be if the ball beat you, you were out, but it isn’t that way anymore. It’s not a reason to call someone out. You have to make a good tag.” If what Jeter says is true, and third base umpire Marty Foster told Jeter that he was out because the ball beat him, Foster should clearly be suspended or demoted or even fired, shouldn’t he? Isn’t that proof positive that there’s a guy out there calling his own game instead of enforcing the actual rules?”
And the Yankees of course lost by one run. I know it will never get overturned, but the Yanks should have played this game under protest. That is some egregious shit right there, and Jeter’s reaction is totally justified.
Salt for the wound: We could be tied for first place right now.

And the other two horrible calls that went against the Yanks, according to the post:
“Not to be outdone, umpire Wally Bell called out Eric Hinske at second base on a force play in the seventh inning even though Jays shortstop Marco Scutaro never came close to touching the bag. The Yanks settled for two runs in what could have become a much bigger inning.
In the third inning, Bell had ruled Aaron Hill safe at second, though Jeter’s throw appeared to have beaten him on Vernon Wells’ grounder into the hole.”
Did these dudes have money on the game or something? Sorry, but that’s effing ridiculous.

The Hinske call was a typical “in the neighborhood” t hing, right? That’s pretty standard.
Having said that, the Jeter call was absolute BS if the umpire told him that. I can see why Jeets went nuts.

Ath – it wasn’t even “in the neighborhood”. I think there’s a replay on, and it was pretty bad – you can see Scutaro finched a little bit, and he knew he missed the bag and maybe wanted to tag, but by then he wouldn’t even be able to tag.
The Jeter throw I could understand – it was close. Not the right call, but surely from certain angles it might not be easy to make.

Yeah, Scutaro wasn’t in the same zip code, much less the neighborhood.
The problem with the Jeter call is according to the umpire himself, he SAW that Rolen never made the tag, but decided to call Jeter out anyway. Even his flippin’ crew chief said he made the wrong call.

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