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Sweep/Sweep: Rays-Sox Gamer II/XVIII

The Sox rode a stellar performance by Clay Buchholz in Game 1. So far, Jon Lester has been good in Game 2, but the Sox' bats have been very unlucky (at least four line drives have found gloves thus far). If they win, the Sox will salvage a tie of the season series with Tampa and put the Rangers' backs to the wall.

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Wow, this Rays lineup really has nothing left in the tank. Buchholz fantastic in the first game, Lester looking good through 4.

Great outing by Lester, and not-Gagne comes in to slam the door… after giving up a pair of hits.
Our starters in the last 3 games sure were fantastic. Feeling pretty good about things, though the Rays really aren’t much of an opponent right now.

Seriously. The Rays have scored 8 runs in their last 7 games. That’s KC-bad.
Well, three of those games were against perhaps the best 1-2-3 punch of starters in baseball.

Obviously, I revoke my comment from Friday’s game thread in which I bemoaned the idiocy of wasting Lester’s start. Glad this worked out.

Pedro with 8 shutout innings against the Mets.
I know he’s facing NL lineups, but I still wish we might have signed him.

Aardsma puts the finishing touches on Texas as Seattle gains a split. The WC lead is four games with 20 games to go. A weekend of terrific pitching from Beckett, Bucky and Lester. Dice-K returns Tuesday.

Don’t look now but the Sox seem to be clicking at the right time. Texas has a much better shot at catching the Angels than the Sox.

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