Swing And A Miss

The Government strikes out. Does this mean Rocket gets in the HOF, first ballot?

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This team is ridiculous right now. Cano blasts one to dead center. 6-2 good guys. Teix and Cano are hot. Combine that with Granderson’s continued mastery of the longball and Jeter racking up hits like crazy, plus periodic but critically timed contributions from Martin, Swisher, Ibanez, etc, and they are scary. Then there is their clean-up hitter – even his mediocrity is not dragging them down. Yanks 3 outs from extending this stretch to 20-4. I fear the law of averages biting us in the butt, but for now you’ve got to enjoy this ride.

Aardsma threw a perfect rehab inning today.
We haven’t really talked about the fact that he is going to be in the bullpen in a month or so. ANOTHER solid option.
Can you imagine if we get Joba back too???
Sori, DRob, Aardsma, Joba, BOOOOOOOOOOONE, Repada, Eppley…woah.

I was more making the point that the Sox 2 WS titles were won by juicers…even thought seemingly all of the names that have been leaked were Yankees.

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