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T. Party: M’s-Sox Gamer IV

Tim Wakefield goes up against King Felix and the Seattle Mariners at Fenway. Hernandez was excellent last week against the Dodgers in a game witnessed by our own beloved SF. The Mariners have taken two of three from the Sox so far this season and just finished a three-game set against the Bombers, winning the final contest. Comment away!

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Gah, there is no way the Sox win this game. And I’m only half trying out the reverse jinx when I say this.
Interesting to see Papi at #4 and Bay at #5. Seems like Bay’s slump is finally getting some attention.

This game has L written all over it, and early. 5-0 Mariners before the crowd even filters in, I say.

I don’t get the “Wake for ASG” stuff, except as pure homerism. He’s just not an All-Star. Sorry. Given the lead tonight, he coughs it up against an awful lineup.

Yeah, Wake deserves to go to the All-Star game if you considers Wins alone. His ERA is above league average (4.29), but that certainly isn’t all-star worthy.
I’d love to see him go, but it ain’t happening unless Joe Maddon gets bribed.

Oops, I meant to say his ERA is BETTER than league-average, not above. D’oh.

Nick Green, how the hell do you backwards-K with a ball RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE?

Sean Casey in the booth, suggesting that Dunkin’ Donuts with avocado dip tastes good. What the hell?

Well, SF, you were right about Wake giving up 5. Not sure why he pitched the 8th.
Still, Sox should have a chance at the bullpen.

Well, Wake doesn’t get a loss. Be nice for Kottaras to get him a win.

MDC is lucky, which beats being good.
I’ll take it.
Now to hit this Lithuanian nobody that the Mariners have put up……
Drat, Drew

0-2 count and Rob Johnson slaps a ball into right field, 7-5 Mariners. Goddamnit.

I wish Wakefield had given up all 5 runs in the first inning as SF had predicted, so I wasn’t invested in this game at all. Gah.

I think that fan who snagged the foul ball from Youk will get a scarlet letter. Hopefully he won’t get hurt. The Sox win if it weren’t for him.

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