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Take Deep Breaths

What do these teams all have in common?

  • The 104-win* 1883 NL champion Boston Beaneaters
  • The 114-win* 1897 NL champion Boston Beaneaters
  • The 108-win* 1911 World Series champion Philadelphia A's
  • The 99-win* 1914 World Series champion Boston Braves
  • The 104-win* 1928 Philadelphia Athletics
  • The 105-win* 1941 NL champion Brooklyn Dodgers
  • The 100-win* 1948 Boston Red Sox
  • The 99-win* 1954 Chicago White Sox
  • The 99-win 1964 AL champion New York Yankees
  • The 98-win 1964 Chicago White Sox
  • The 97-win 1969 division champion Minnesota Twins
  • The 101-win 1971 division champion Oakland Athletics
  • The 94-win 1974 World Series champion Oakland A's
  • The 88-win 1974 division champion Pittsburgh Pirates
  • The 101-win 1977 division champion Philadelphia Phillies
  • The 97-win 1977 Baltimore Orioles
  • The 96-win 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates
  • The 90-win 1979 division champion Cincinnati Reds
  • The 99-win 1983 division champion Chicago White Sox
  • The 90-win 1983 NL champion Philadelphia Phillies
  • The 101-win 1985 NL champion St. Louis Cardinals
  • The 97-win 1985 New York Yankees
  • The 99-win 1996 division champion Cleveland Indians
  • The 114-win 1998 World Series champion Yankees
  • The 100-win 1999 division champion Arizona Diamondbacks
  • The 96-win 1999 Cincinnati Reds
  • The 101-win 2003 division champion Atlanta Braves
  • The 89-win 2009 division champion Philadelphia Phillies

* Prorated to 162-game season

You've probably guessed it by now: Each of those 28 teams — all winners of at least 95 games or their division — started the season 0-3. 

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Hard to say. Somewhere around 300, based on what I was able to figure. Definitely more than 200, which is where the B-R search stops (I had to run it for both leagues to catch stragglers), so it might be more like 250. So say 10 percent actually go on to have really good seasons (playoffs/95 wins). But of course a huge majority of those who don’t are teams that are simply horrible with no expectation of success. We’d have to run a more subjective (and nearly impossible) search to eliminate teams for whom an 0-3 start would be utterly unsurprising.

We tried to explain to our panicked Mom that making up two in the loss column is a lot easier when you have 159 games to go. When you have to do that over the last week is the time to get nervous.
Still, not a fun weekend.

The AL East is going to be a tough division from the top to the bottom this year. I’m certain we’ll all have an 0 and 3 stretch at some point. Don’t freak out (like Chuck Bartowski).

those power rankings must be based on potential rather than current reality…otherwise how do you explain the 1 loss yankees being ahead of undefeated teams…even worse, the 0-3 sox are ranked ahead of the 3-0 orioles…huh?

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